Feb 13, 2017

Duchess Satine Kryze

This blog is actually closed.
I just use it now to collect all photos of the progress of my Satine Kryze cosplay.

Apr 3, 2015

Outfits/ haul/ Hanis Karaoke-pre-birthday-party/ new nails

Hello everybody^^

Before my holidays I want to catch up with everything I have to blog! That's why I blogged the last posts so fast one after another.

Now I just start with the outfit that I wore last Saturday.
I met with my friends and in the evening we went karaokeeeee^^ and celebrated into Hanis birthday!

I was doing a Sweet Gyaru look that day.
It's kinda 2011ish... I think. (outfit and eye-make) Just my bangs, the pompom earrings and the cherry necklace are alittle bit neo girly.
tunic - honeys
skirt - Liz Lisa
cardigan - New Yorker
accessories - selfmade
boots - Colosseum (but bought at Kleiderkreisel)

What do you think about those lower lashes? I love the parted look! I customized old ones for this look!
And I tried little tear bags again (namida bukuro)... but most often I fail...
on my way~ train-photo
Kiki and me on the way to Ichiban Monsters Karaoke!
yeah~ and Hani the birthday girl <3
Unfortunately I didn't take many photos inside karaoke... you know- it's dark and photos get blurred or overexposed...
just some:
Kiki, Ackermann and Jacqueline
yeah~ candlelight to boost the atmosphese XD
Kukki and Mao~ air guitar and drums~ ACDC - TNT
It was such a lovely time ^^ At 0 o'clcock we celebrated Hanis birthday with presents and Tequila shots^^

next topic: some shopping I've done the last weeks
I bought a lot of bargains at Kleiderkreisel!

these cowboy style boots (soooo comfortable!!! -->lucky me)
this maxi denim dress (looks a bit weird just lying on my bed XD but looks cool worn!)
this nude sweater with ruffles at the shoulders (wanted this style so badly since some sweet gal brands (e.g. Ank Rouge) released similar style tops last autumn and winter)
this high waisted gingham check skirt (seems like the gignham check trend is not over yet!)
 I also went a little bit shopping with Kiki.
My gets:
my dream shoes *o* chunky platform sneakers in denim optic and they sparkle!!! (even the shoe laces!) bought at Osco
2€ reduced from 13€ o.O I was searching for a cherry necklace for one year! (since it got popular in Japan) But they were always too expensive~ so I made the necklace I was wearing in the first outfit... but now I could buy one for cheap at Clair's <3
This goes more into the Onee Gyaru direction. Some onee brands like Delyle Noir have this lilac/ lavender colour in their collections! So I was serching for something similar! Got this at H&M for 7€.
when I tried it in the changing room^^
So here is an outfit that I created with this top:
I wore it at my oral examination/ colloquium of my bachelor thesis. I have got the bachelor of science now officialy!
Here is the outfit:

Soooo and the finaly part of this post:
my new nail design <3

America style nails (with one STAR WARS hint^^°)
my favourite nails (the symbol on my left thumb is the sign of the rebel alliance)
So now I'm fully prepared for my America-journey!
Michi and I are going to visit L.A., Las Vegas, Crand Cannyon, San Francisco, Anaheim and the STAR WARS Celebration! Hope everything works as planned!

I don't think that I will be able or find the time for blogging from the US... maybe I just update my facebook and twitter... but who knows?

bye bye~ chu and Happy Easter <3

Apr 1, 2015

Bookfair Leipzig 2015 - Sunday - Pincess Leia Organa (STAR WARS) Cosplay

Hello everybody ^^

Today's post is about the last day of bookfair Leipzig - Sunday

Michi and I planned a new STAR WARS Cosplay for that day!
I was Princess Leia Organa (Episode IV - A new hope) So it's a really oldschool and iconic cosplay!!!
I was not too sure about cosplaying her... the outfit is really simple and not very flattering and the hairstyle actually does not suit my face... you know my face is kinda round.
But she is such a great character. I just loooove her. So I badly wanted to cosplay her >.<°

Michi cosplayed Mon Mothma.
original character
 She is not a very well known character. But she's so important for the Rebel allicance and was even a senator back in the days of the Republic.
Michi decided for a version of this character form the prequel trilogy (Episode III). So our outfits don't match so well...but the characters themselfs match perfectly. 

~ haha short before leaving for bookfair~
I made both costumes! And I put so much effort into Michis cosplay! It was so much more time-consuming and difficult to sew and much more expensive.

But you know... it's the destiny of an unknown character... I got so much more attention at the fair... -.-° poor Michi!
But it was really fascinating how many visitors wanted photos. Especially the "ordinary" visitors (not the other cosplayers) wanted photos (even WITH me together XD) and even many children seemed to know the character XD
That prooves it: Leia is just fucking famous and STAR WARS ist still in the heads of people!

Michi and Sato (she cosplayed from Air Gear) having a break <3
I met Renoyuki on Sunday and it was kinda funny because we were carrying the same d.i.a. bags ^^
well, not really matching my cosplay XD
nice to meet you ^^
I didn't meet many people on sunday...
yeah~ Mao my sweety XD
Mao, Hani and co. had a Kuroshitsuji group this day <3
Jacqueline, Mao, Kukki, Hani... (photo taken from Kukki)
I was hoping for some more matching STAR WARS cosplayers... but just found some (many XD) Obi-Wans and some ordinary Jedi and a Count Dooku... so nobody from the original trilogy -.-°
If there was a Darth Vader or a Stormtrooper then I missed them....

So we made a photoshooting on our own ^^
the R2 is just edited with photoshop XP
uuuuh~ I love the photos so much <3
I don't look as stupid as I imagined to look like and Michi is just perfect for Mon Mothma!!!! <3 <3 

Michi had a serious Pokémon battle inbetween against Kiki!!! Kiki won! They both will take part in this year's Pokémon battle world cup tournament!
Kiki with tartan shirt and sujimori hair in the background!
On Sunday I also went into the anime/manga merch hall (MCC - Mega Comic Con).
Look what I found:
pendant of the rebel alliance logo <3 I'm such a geek XD
Michi, Kirschu (birthday girl), Sato and Kiki <3 I love you all so much <3
 Apropos geek: 
I will participate in the official cosplay contest at STAR WARS Celebration Anaheim (California) this April! Such an honor to be accepted!
Therefore Michi and I will travel to California for a 2 1/2 weeks holiday! We were planning this journey since September 2013 and now finally the time has come (starting 3rd of April) <3 <3 <3
bye bye~ chu <3