Jan 11, 2014

Vacation before New Year's Eve

Hello everybody^^

My first working week of the new year is over and I'm nothing but exhausted...
 next week is "Berlin Fashion Week" and we have to get the new collection ready for presenting in our showroom. And the Lookbook is not ready yet @___@°...waaah~

But let's talk about my free time that I spend at Michis place around New Year's Eve!

My train from Berlin to Essen went very early at 27th of December.
My friend Michi picked me up at Essen main station around 11am.
my outfit
I put my luggage into the lockers at the station and together we decided to stoll a little bit through the shopping streets of Essen. I love Essen for shopping ^o^
My friend Michi is not a shopperholic at all but somehow I inspired her to spend some money on some adorable garments ^^°
at Orsay: we both liked the pullover but in different colurs ^^
I love th texture and the slightly glittery effect of the pullover! The colour is very new to me. But it's a challenge for coordinaton ^^ So I bought it <3
Somehow I only have shopping photos of that day^^°....
my haul at a bargains shop: powder, two loud blushes and a gold glitter eyeliner
 glitter eyeliner close up
Camwhoring in the H&M changing room ^^°...
By the way: yes, I finally bought that black dress~ haha
In the afternoon we met our friend Sato but sadly I did not take any photos -.-°

For the next days Michi and I planned to start some handycrafts for our upcoming STAR WARS cosplays. We also watched a lot of STAR WARS and debated a lot about Pokémon and cooking XD
We had a lot of fun but it's acutally not worth showing you photos of this^^°....

One evening we met Sato again and went to a cocktail bar.
my simple outfit:
Michi and Sato <3
swimming pool <3
once again a "good Lau - evil Lau" photo that we are always doing XD (Satos name is Laura as well)
On Monday the 30th of December Michi and I went to Düsseldorf.
The outfit I was wearing in Düsseldorf.
eye make up
In Düsseldorf we went shopping a little bit, went into the Takagi Book store, went to eat at the restaurant "Don" and even walked on the luxury shopping street "Kö" (Königsallee).
I have been to Düsseldorf many times but never crossed the famous "Kö" were all the luxury labels have their stores. But well, high fashion is not made for me ^^°....
On the "Königsallee" we just went into REWE (supermarket) to buy mascarpone and sweet potatos ^^°.... so no luxury shopping at all~ haha

We also went into some really nerdy comic stores. Michi and I are big STAR WARS fans so we wanted to know weather there are STAR WARS comics available in these stores.
I really felt like a super geek in these stores~ or like a geek who is not looking like a geek~ haha but it was super funny!

...finally I didn't buy a STAR WARS comic because there are endless numbers of so many different comic series...@.@... I was confused and couldn't decide^^°

In the evening we went to Tenten coffee! I just loooove the combination of a biiig cookie and a Matcha latte!!!!!
me and my new Egg issue which I bought at Takagi book store
Michi and her Oggi issue from Takagi book store
Michi started laughing when I gaped my eyes like this.... really what's so funny about? XXDDD~
love you Michi ^^~ it was such a nice day
In the late evening Kiki arrived at Michis place, too! We wanted to celebrate New Years Eve together like all the years before.

So Kiki, Michi and I spend the 31st together, strolled a little bit through the town, ate Michis awesome meals and had a nice time together.
my New Years Eve outfit
eye make up
Sadly none of our other friends could make it.... like Sato who had to work at the turn of the year -.-°

I don't have photos of my two girls...
... only Kikis hands^^°....
Edamameeeee <3
our selfmade Yakisoba
Michis selfmade Matcha tiramisu <3
our fireworks <3
 But my camera is not able to make good photos of fireworks in the dark....
So my start into the new year was nice and relaxed but not spectacular or wild or anything~ haha

One last outfit photo:
New Year's outfit
Bye bye~ chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

Mal wieder sosossoo tolle Outfits und Bilder *-* das klingt echt toll. Und das Matcha Tiramisu!!! *__*

Lau said...

dankeschööön ^^