Feb 12, 2014

Last Saturday's outfit

Hello everybody <3

This is just a shot post. I want to show you my outfit of last Saturday.
I just met with Kiki very short for drinking a coffee and do some bargain shopping.

This was what I was wearing:
No gyaru brands at all!
fur cap; pullover: Tally Weijl
fur stola: shoes: H&M
belt: Jumex???
leggings: selfmade
necklace: Forever 21
bag: Primark

Complete black&white outfit.
I love the fur cap *o* I don't know why I didn't wear it for such along time....
my eye make up
Some time ago I "shooted" a toutorial for this kind of eye make up.... I really should edit the photos and prepare the tutorial!!!! wha... I'm so lazy with editing photos right now and busy with sewing cosplay...^^°
But I promise to find time for the turorial!!!

Well after drinking a coffee and chatting a whole lot, Kiki and I went a tiny bit shopping.
(Kiki was not styled that day... so she's not on the photos!)
I bought this simple sweater.
And I bought that white beanie and one pair of heart shaped earrings.
My complete Tally haul for entirely less then 6 €. Sale is amazing XD
testing the cap ^.^
bye bye~ chu <3


ゼリー Hime said...

i love this makeup!!! you should find time for the tutorial cause it's amazing *^* can't wait to see it <3

Lau said...

@ぜり- Hime
thank you! I'll do my best to finish it! ^o^