Feb 17, 2014

Outfits of the week/ Saturday's street style and new sunglasses

Hello everybody ^^

So here are last week's outfits. From Monday to Saturday.

fashion point: golden chains
fashion point:..???? casual....

fashion point: onee gal

fashion point: cute in polka dots
fashion point: overknee socks... don't suit me -.-°
To be honest, I'm not satisfied with any of these outfits.... maybe it was not a very good week for coordination.

Well, at least I really like my Saturday's coord!
I met with Kiki for a coffee and afterwards I dyed her hair.... so I did not take photos this day. Only my outfit photos......
cap, sweater, earrings: Tally Weijl
maxi skirt(dress): H&M
shoes: Spinns
clear bag: Primark

Did you notice that I was wearing my bangs straight this time? You can also see it in some of the other outfit photos.
Do you remember my small Tally haul (last post)? I was wearing all three items: cap, earrings, sweater ^o^
here is my Saturday's simple eye make up
This is my newest item: new round sunglasses
I never had this shape of glasses before but it matches edgy street style so much!
 And it's also perfect for more Harajuku inspired street styles!
I looooove them *o*

I got them at a German ebay shop for around 7 €. I can't complain at all XD
I also want some seethrough purple or pink ones in this shape !

So I say bye bye to you with some well-known glasses:
 I really hope to be able to show you some more interesting posts in the future .... -.-°
But right now nothing special happenes and I'm sewing my cosplay day after day  sometimes at work and sometimes in the evenings at home....^^°

~see ya~ chu <3

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