Jun 6, 2014

Summer fashion haul ^^

Hello everybody ^^
Today in the eveninng I will go to Düsseldorf for the anime convention Dokomi this weekend!
Everything is ready and so I thought I could write a blogentry^^

my new sunglasses (New Yorker) ^^  50's look~ very cute isnt't it?
Last weeks (before I obsessively started sewing my cosplays ^^°) I did quite a lot of shopping.
It's already nearly summer so I couldn't resist!

One day I went shopping with my mom! And I figured out that "Pimkie" had quite a lot of nice summer clothes (most often don't give much attention to "Pimkie".... They at least have 3 types of rompers in resort prints!
Until now I couldn't decide which one to take ^^°
this is one of them... the others are more green with palms, flowers ....
But I bought two super cute skirts <3 <3 <3
the perfect type os skirt for my bodyshape!!!!
I bought this tote bag at H&M ~ feels so summery and also perfectly matching pastel colours <3
Another day I met with Kiki for shopping ^o^
And I directly took my new pink skirt for this coord.
sweet girly pin-up look
headband - super old...have it since I was a child
earrings - small shop in Cottbus
croppt T-shirt - H&M but customized
skirt - Pimkie
socks - small shop in Nakano (Tokyo)
shoes - H&M but customized
necklace - F21

Together with Kiki I found many cute things at New Yorker!
this super cute lemon tube top <3
prints with fruits (a lot of cherries and lemons) are a trend this summer!!!
I also bought this funny superheroe-comic cropped top!
It's so colourful and perfect for pop styles!
Then I tried some more elegant onee related clothes in powdery shades.
But I dind't like them... I'm not suited for onee styles ...
a top
bikinosand a lacy dress... nope!
Kiki instead was searching for bikinis ^^
She found one at H&M and one at New Yorker. Both shops have a lot of great swimwear!

waaah~ chaos in the changing room XD
eeeh... Kikis swimwear XP
 At Clair's there was an offer to buy 3 pieces of hairaccessory and get one of these for free and when you buy for more than 10€ you get one present XD
We took both offers XD
I bought these sunflower hairclips (and with Kikis hairaccessory)I got the daidy headband for free^^
this is the present we got <3
And finally we went to H&M !
I got myself this pink gingham check "onepiece"!
yes, it's a "teddy" ^o^
I also found a cute susperder skirt at H&M with daisy pattern.
Suspender skirts and this pattern are super trendy! But you don't see suspender skirts very often at non-japanese brands.
But the cut wan't suited for my body ^^° So I didn't buy it!
So if you like the 50's related sweet pin-up styles and pastel colours and resort prints that are often seen in magazines like Popteen, you should definitely go shopping over here! You will find all the styles without buy expansive garments from Japanese brands!!!

bye bye <3
P.S. If you will attend Dokomi this weekend:
here is a tiny preview of my outfits:
Momoka Kibitsu from Sket Dance
and another Manba outfit:
inspired by Mukku (Kiki will be Gachapin XD)
chu~ <3


Honey Tan @ www.ihearthoneytan.com said...

Great haul. The romper is my fave though! I absolutely love it. :D

Victoria La. said...

waaw~ Früchte als Print liebe ich auch sehr! Muss ich mal New Yorker stalken. Und bei NY hab ich bis jetzt auch immer das beste an Schwimmklamotten gefunden. OMG! Die nude farbenen Sachen! Liebää~ (fürn Alltag XD)
& ja Pastellis kommen nie aus der Mode! Aber habe dennoch fürn Sommer gerne kräftige Farben :3
Oha! Das Dokomi Outfit! Es wird super heiß, nur mal so nebenbei XD
Aber viel Spaß! ^^

tine said...

dieser pinup look steht dir echt gut, auf den bildern siehst du wie aus der popteen aus... du kannst wirklich viele unterschiedliche stile tragen *neid*

Renoyuki said...

Die Sachen sind ja sehr cool und mir gefällt die Tasche echt gut. Ich mag die Farben gern. ^^
Bin schon sehr auf deinen Dokomi Eintrag und Bilder gespannt! ^_^
Viel Spaß dort! ^_^

mistymysterious said...

Ich frage mich immer noch, warum man hier einfach keine Trägerröcke zu kaufen bekommt. Hätte ich das gewusst, hätte ich meinen Barbie-Trägerrock in Marineblau von damals aufgehoben. ;)
Aber im Ernst - das ist wirklich schade, dass die so selten vertreten sind.^^;

Pinup-Style passt wirklich gut zu dir. :) Da muss ich mich anschließen. Aber auch generell passen die ganzen süßen und auch knalligere Sachen zu dir. <3

Jenny ♥ said...

Richtig tolle Sachen hast du dir geholt! Die Outfits stehen dir mal wieder super! *_* richtig schön <3

Nagareboshi said...

Du siehst ja wieder einmal super aus! ^__^


Just not others said...

I'll totally get myself that pink skirt, it looks so nice one you~~

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