Jun 29, 2014

Finally... Dokomi Saturday ...^^ (I'm veeery late) and d.i.a. coord

Hello everybody ^^

It's been 3 weeks since anime/manga convention Dokomi in Düsseldorf.

At Saturday I had a Cosplay together with Sato ^o^
I love cosplaying with Sato because it still feels like cosplaying years ago. Nothing has changed. Just fun and passion for the series and characters we love <3
Not beeing perfect, not longing for the best photographers and deepest insights...

I was cosplaying Momoka Kibitsu (Sket Dance)

Still at Michis home^^
Michi (left) and Kiki (middle) were cosplaying Golden Bombers "Cheng Long Hen Ku" (if I wrote it correctly^^°)
first mirror pic of my cosplay ^^°
The weather was great *o* Pure summer weather <3 Super hot and super sunny!!! But you know cosplaying in super hot weather is not always fun ^^°

Switch and Momoka <3 <3 <3 (with Pelocan XP)
When we arrived at Dokomi we also met Satos friend who cosplayed Bossun. So we had a nice triplet of Sket Dance charas <3

We found a nice place for our blanket in the big park next to the location.

Sato... already exhausted??? XD
my view from our blanket
Golden Bomber karate shooting ^^
Michi "Kenji" checking her kabuki make-up
We were walking around, met some of our other friends, ate matcha frozen yoghurt several times and perspired like..... you don't wanna know XD

Sometimes we were motivated enough for a shooting ^^

Inbetween we relaxed on the blanket in the shadows of the trees ^^

I didn't have a ticket to go inside the convetion... but no prob no prob! I had the chance to go inside the next day!

o.O ...what happened here? XD
By the way: This was actually just a last minute evasion cosplay.... I had already finished another cosplay for a cosplay group with other friends.... But they all canceled the cosplay 1 1/2 weeks before....
I didn't want to cosplay alone... so I finished this cosplay within some days ^^°.... luckily I already had a matching wig ^^°
searching for poses XP
favourite photo <3
such a cute couple <3
Bossun saving the sunken ball of a dog~ haha~ That's how the Sked Dan is ment to be!!!
short before leaving~ haha sexy Sato XD (without wig already)
By the way: it was Satos birthday!!!!!!
So after refreshing and changing clothes we went into the city of Düsseldorf for eating and drinking something <3
Happy birthdayyyyy Sato-chan <3 <3 <3 We love you sooo much ^o^

So I changed my coord into this <3
Tsuyome/kuro gyaru coord! (Well I'm not that kuro XP)
top: d.i.a.
skirt: offbrand
shirt: Maison Gilfy
belt: d.i.a.
hat: H&M
shoes: ABAB
d.i.a. gang XP even Michi is wearing her d.i.a. trousers *o* I envy her so much~ want such flared pants, too!!!
Even at 9 or 10 pm it was still sooo hot and humid(air) ~ felt like Tokyo in August *o*
We went to Café Relax and I go my beloved Cream Soda <3 <3 <3
And I got the chance to try Honey Matcha Toast for the very first time *o*
I was in heaven !!!!!!!
Super huge toast (half of it would be enough^^°) soaked with honey, served with matcha ice cream, red Atsuki beans, strawberry and choco sauce ...... It's the best thing on earth that I've ever tried!!!!

that's it ^^
bye bye~ chu <3


lovepirate said...

Schöööne Bilder. :) Ich hoffe nächstes Jahr kann ich auch endlich mal zur Dokomi.

Lau said...

ja Dokomi lohnt sich schon!!! Hatte immer viel Spaß bisher ^o^
bye bye

Renoyuki said...

Super tolle Bilder und ich finde dein Cosplay mega klasse und ebenso dein Outfit! ^-^

LG, Renoyuki ^^

Lau said...

daneschön^^ vielen Dank für den Kommi^^
bye <3