Jan 2, 2015

Christmas/ Outfits/ winter wonderland/ new year's eve

Hello everybody ^^

Today's post is a summary of all the festive holidays of the last time including my outfits and some snow photos XP

The 23rd of December I wrapped the gifts for my family quite last minute XD
But they turned out nice ^o^
our PERFEKT Christmas tree <3
My outfit for the next day: Christmas Eve

blouse - H&M
skirt - New Yorker
mules - selfmade
It was an elegant and festive styling~
I tried a very heavy backcombed hairstyle.
On photos it looks a littly messy... I didn't realize that in reality... hmmmpf-.-°
But I think the overall appearance was as I planned it^^ something classy that I haven't done in a while.
all the presents <3
Here is what I got ^o^
I celebrated Christmas like every year with my family at home.
In the evening I watched "The last unicorn" and "Drei Haselnüsse für Aschenbrödel". So it was a very traditional Christmas XD

The next day my family came again an we had a super delicious Christmas meal.<3
My outfit of Christmas Day:
This time my hair was sideways emphasized!
hmmm... again not as neat as I wanted it to look... but ok^^°
Heavier eye make-up than the day before:

sweater - Garula
leggings - Tally Weijl
shoes - osco

The Day after Christmas/ Boxing Day was really relaxing for me~ I just played Pokémon all day long!

But then something surprising happened! It started snowing <3
Wow~ finally white Christmas XD (just the last day of Christmas but hey~)
view from my window~
and it snowed even more the next days~ ^^
Well not very useful for me while I was sitting at home working at my bachelor thesis....
But one day I had a walk in the forest with my niece and our dogs~ ^o^
so much fun in the snow~
 And such a beautiful landscape around Berlin <3

Snow is already gone again... it only lasted for a couple of days. But I think that's really good! Better than dirty damp snow for a longer period of time... Snow is only beautiful as long as it is freh and clean!

I celebrated New Years eve with Kiki, Michi, Hani, Mao and Kukki!
That was my look:

neon yellow hat/ jacket/ top - H&M
green top - New Yorker
skirt - selfmade
belt - d.i.a.

We had a nice time playing silly games, batteling with Pokémon, making funny videos (sadly I don't have the videos -.-°)
And I didn't take many photos...
only Kiki and Michi
eeehh... and Mao and Kukki ^^°
So all I can say finally is : Happy New Year 2015 ^o^ to all of you !!!
bye bye <3 chu~


Renoyuki said...

Die Fotos im Schnee sind so schön! Hier war nur wenig und leider zu schnell wieder weg!
Ich wünsche dir auch ein frohes neues Jahr! ^-^

LG, Renoyuki <3

Victoria La. said...

Frohes Neues! :)
Wie hast du denn diesen "Haarbatzen" hinbekommen? Was hast du drunter gepackt? Ist vllt auch toupiert, aber bestimmt ned nur, or? o.o
Alles Liebe, Fuyu

N☆WAKI said...

Your hair is amazing! I love all your different hairstyles in this post <3
Your last outfit is my favourite one :)
I bought pokemon omega ruby! So I got the opposite haha
I love to just relax and play pokemon all day long
Happy new year <3

cookiescorpse said...

I'm always in love wth your outfits, hairstyles and makeup *-* you're really beautiful <3

Happy new year cutie <3

Tommy said...

You are so cute and stylish, I love reading your blog. And you got pokemon, yay!

Lau said...

Dir auch frohes Neues ^^
pass auf Schnee kommt schon nochmal XD da wette ich drauf!
danke für den Kommi^^
bye bye <3

Lau said...

@Victoria La.
Dir auch frohes neues Jahr ^o^
Ääähm der "Haarbatzen" besteht tatsächlich nur aus meinen eigenen Haaren! Ein Teil der Haare ist super stark toupiert und dann eingerollt und mit Haarnadeln festgesteckt. Das gibt den Fülleeffekt. Und darüber sind dann die nur wenig toupierten Haare glatt gelegt und fixiert und festgesteckt. Diese toupierten Haarröllchen habe ich auch unter der seitlichen Frisur vom nächsten Tag. Da nur zwei kleine Röllchen. Heiligabend hatte ich 4 oder 5 Haarsträhnen zu Röllchen gemacht. Diese Haare verschwinden dann natürlich komplett aus dem optischen Bereich. Aber da ich so volle Haare habe, fällt es nicht auf, dass da Haare "fehlen". Hoffe du verstehst, was ich meine XD
bye bye <3 <3 <3

Lau said...

Thank you for your comment <3
Ok. you like the last one the most. Nice to know ^^
yeah~ Pokémon!!!!!!
Great to hear that there are still so many Pokémon players around <3
Happy new year <3

Lau said...

thank you sooo much <3 <3 <3
and thanks for your comment ^o^
happy new year ^^

Lau said...

uaaaaah~ thank you XD
I'm really happy you like my blog <3
and: Pokémon forever XD
thank you for your comment ^^
bye bye