Dec 22, 2014

Christmassy weekend with Michi

Hello everybody^^

I hope you all have a nice pre-Christmas season ^o^
Recently I don't find much time for blogging because my bachelor thesis is causing me much stress and I really don't want to waste time....

But I don't wanna stop blogging completely during that period. So here is one of my few blog entries^^

At 3rd weekend of advent my friend Michi came to see me and Kiki in Berlin. So I took these days as freetime ^^
Michi arrived Thursday evening and I picked her up at main station.
She had a post-birthday/ pre-christmas present for me XP
STAR WARS character socks form Japan <3
She also made cookies shaped like the Millenium Falcon XD... I sadly forgot to take a photo...

Friday we had the plan to visit as much Christmas markets as we are able to XD
So we started our tour Friday before midday.
my outfit
elegant onee-gyaru-ish styling

We first went to the christmas market at the "Gendarmenmarkt". It's really nice with lots of crafts and art and in beautiful historic surrounding!
The stalls were really cute with so many interesting and funny items ^^
We really liked all the funny and unusual Christmas tree decorations~
Michis favourite: Japanese Christmas cake~ XD
my favourite: the Stegosaurus' XD
We had a break for this super delicious pumkin-mango-sweetpotato soup <3
When we finished this Christmas market we decided to go to J-Store for purikura ^o^
It was kind of far away from there but we could connect it to the next Christmas market on our scedule!

 After doing purikura some selfies....^^°
It was really windy that day ^^°
 The next Christmas market we visited was at Charlottenburg Palace.
It was so beautifully iliminated <3
me and my cotton candy <3
me and my "Quarkkäulchen" (quark balls?) <3 (I bet you can't see it in my hand^^°)
beautiful palace <3
We had hot Baileys~ mine with cream of course
Christmas market means eating and drinking so much yummie stuff....!!!

Afterwards we went to the Christmas Market opposite the Red City Hall.
It was just crowded and one glühwein/glogg stall after one another... but the Ferris wheel was beautiful illuminated!

Finally we had a Lumumba (hot chocolate with rum) and a Lambada (hot chocolate with amaretto) at the Alexanderplatz.
Lambada is now my favourite Christmas marked drink! (I really don't like glühwein/glogg...)
It was such a nice day <3

The next day we met with Kiki (who doesn't like Christmas...~ so it was ok. that we did our Christmas marked tour the day before^^°)

My look of the day:
it was not so windy anymore~ so I could wear my new hat
We went to the Okonomiyaki restaurant "Hanage".
Of course the okonomiyaki was yummie as always~
And everyone took photos~*lol*

Afterwards we wanted to visit the greentea café "Mamecha" for the first time....but it was crowded and there were already other people waiting.... maybe next time... -.-°

So we went to an ordinary café. Not as we planned but ok....
Michi and I found boots afterwards when we went a little bit shopping~
light beige ones~ just as I wanted!
And I bought a new wallet!!!
Mine was already falling apart XD

love you girls~ <3
another christmas drink~
At home I tried the new boots with my outfit~
I like them ^o^
bye bye~ chu <3


Michi said...

Aww, wir hatten wirklich so ein tolles Wochenende*o*
So eine Weihnachtsmarkt-Tour müssen wir nächstes Jahr unbedingt wieder machen!!!

Renoyuki said...

Wie schön die Weihnachtsmärkte sind. ^^ Und jetzt hab ich lust auf Zuckerwatte yummi~ ^^ Und deine Outfits sehen so toll aus! <3

Ich wünsche dir ein frohes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr! <3

LG, Renoyuki <3