Mar 29, 2015

Casual Friday in Leipzig

Hello everybody^^

Today's post is just a very short entry about the Friday before bookfair Leipzig.
My friends and me already went to Leipzig that day but not all of us attended the fair already that day.

I just went a little shopping casually and went to eat something in the evening.

arrived in Leipzig at our flat ~ Michi and me
Meeting the girls for strolling through the city <3
We had a coffee break at Mc Cafe~ I had a Lemon Cheesecake hot chocolate... or whatever it was called XD
the gang: Senja, Mao, Michi, me, Kiki~
I was not wearing circle lenses that day because I had to wear them the following two days at the book fair. So I still wanted to protect my eyes that day!
My make-up was simple as well.

Sadly I don't have an outfit shot for you this time... I deleted the photos accidentally... nooooo~

long pullover ~ d.i.a.
cap - d.i.a.
flared leopard mini skirt - H&M (so you at least can imagine how the coord was looking like...)
black overknee tights ~
white shoes - H&M
bag - d.i.a.

The only item I bought was this pink midi skirt at H&M for 3€.

As I already wrote, in the evening we met with more of our friends and went to eat Schnitzel~ at "Schnitzelculture"
Senja, Kiki and Sato (who spent the day already at the bookfair)
~ our epic Schnitzel-versions ~ mine was called Schnitzel Dallas XD

yeah~ Senja - we know that you are a STAR WARS fan XD
with Kirschu <3 <3 <3
We were 11 people~ wow a really big group but we had so much fun ^o^

...ok. XD Senja again ^^
This day was a great start for a super nice weekend in Leipzig!
Saturday and Sunday I was cosplaying (Digimon Tri and STAR WARS) at the bookfair! Stay tuned for the next (pic heavy) entries XD

That's what my nails are looking like right now (plain: matching the cosplays at least a little bit)
bye bye ~ chu <3

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