Mar 11, 2015

My latest gets/ some outfits/ cosplay stuff for upcoming bookfair Leipzig

Hello everyone~
... I did not blog for a whole month... I'm sorry
But I finished my bachelor thesis (oral exam is still waiting for me -.-°) and directly after handing it in, I started making my cosplays for the upcoming bookfair Leipzig (happening this weekend).

SoI really did not feel like "waisting time" on blogging ^^°...

So today I start with my party outfit for K-Pop party (which was reaaaaally booooring -.-°)
top and sleeves - d.i.a.
skirt - customised pants
belt - d.i.a.
shoes - Deichmann (customized)

I bought top and belt at the international gyaru meet in January.
Actually I wanted the curls to be a little bit more defined... but I still liked it!
Mao, Jacqueline, Hani and me before leaving for clubbing <3
on the way~
But as I said: the party sucked... did not like the location, the atmosphere was strange, the music was boring... so we left quite early!
This photo definitely catches the atmosphere there^^° (Kukki and Mao)
I won't go to a K-Pop party anymore!

Now I'm gonna show you my latest gets in 2015! Well not all of them XD but the more interesting ones^^
This is my new d.i.a. belt <3 It's dark brown with silver~
Isn't it beautiful? I bought it at the gyaru winter meet from a girl who sold it!
This is the d.i.a. top that I was wearing in the outfit above! Also bought it at the meet-up <3
NO, THIS IS NOT MY DRESS! I just borrowed it from my friend Tine^^°.... but it's so gorgeous, I just wanted to show it to you once more! (of course d.i.a....^^°)
I traded this d.i.a. top with Tine for one of my old d.i.a. tops~ I like this a lot! It's more casual and I can coordinate it very easy!
This is just a d.i.a.-lookalike belt! I found it at ebay for cheap!
my new overknee boots (well for me they are just "at knee boots"...)
Here are my selfmade d.i.a. lookalike flared pants ^^ They are a little bit different to the d.i.a. one's~ I made them high waisted!
I bet you all know this jumpsuit from New Yorker, right? A lot of gaijin gals have/had it as it's a complete d.i.a. replica! Finally I could get my hands on one of them in my size <3 (for 5€ at Kleiderkreisel)
this is not a replica XD it's the real d.i.a shopping bag~ thank you Kiki <3
This is d.i.a., too! The bag from the 2015's fukubukuro sale and a fluffy pullover/dress (one of the items which was inside) ~ bought from Tine <3
Bought these trousers at H&M! Lately I'm really into wearing trousers o.O
This one is from H&M, too. It's perfect: pink and fluffy *o* I love it
So, that's it with my gets~ Love them all sooo much <3

Here are two more outfits for you:
pullover - Garula
belt - d.i.a. replica
hat - customized
the rest - offbrand
 haircolour - hairchalk

Next outfit:
pullover/dress - d.i.a.
belt - d.i.a. replica
hat - H&M
boots and tights - offbrand
It was a mature onee gyaru look but still with a little d.i.a. vibe around
I was weaing this for hanging out with friends~ 
Did you spot the new items in this outfit?

Now I wanna show you some photos of my cosplay progress:
This is what my room is looking like at the moment...
Cosplays for me and my friends everywhere XD

Saturday at the bookfair I will be part of a big Digimon Tri group^^
The new Digimon season which is not released yet: I'm going to be Jou Kido!
my jacket~
jacket for my friend Sato (cosplaying Koushiro/Izzy)
wig for my friend Michi (cosplaying Yamato/Matt)
my own wig-test XP
my fugly Bukamon.... honestly it looks like a mix of duck, seal and velociraptor...
On Sunday Michi and I are going to cosplay from STAR WARS *o*
I'm going to be princess Leia Organa (A new hope)
my dress~
working at the belt~
my selfmade (customized) blaster pistol of Leia
So that's it for today^^
By the way: this is my bachelor thesis!
bye bye~ stay tuned and see you in my next post or at LBM ^o^


soro said...

Omg, you're so lucky! That jumpsuit is to die for! (´u`) Those flared pants look really nice. I'm also looking forward to the new Digimon season. Good luck with your cosplays!!

Ophelia of Harts said...

I love your outfit for the K-pop party~! I just love your D.I.A gets! I have the 2015 bag too, it's so big and useful! And good luck on your cosplays they look great!

Clairey x

mistymysterious said...

Und ich kann's nicht live sehen! >//<
Ach, freu ich mich auf Digimon Adventures Tri. <3

Tines Kleid ist wirklich toll.
Und der Jumpsuit ebenso!
Ganz viel Liebe für deine neuen Teile!! <3

Schade, dass die K-Pop Partys anscheinend immer schlechter werden... wollte mich ja irgendwann mal wieder zu einer überreden, wenn es der Dienstplan zulässt~ Dann wohl eher nicht. ^^;
Eine Freundin meinte auch, dass es so lala war...

Nagareboshi said...

So viele tolle Outfits. ^__^

Lau said...

Thank you su much for your comment <3 <3 <3

Lau said...

@Ophelia of Harts
Thanxxx <3 Yes, I love them, too XD
And that's true the dia bag is really useful! I use it quite often!!!
So, thank you for your comment ^o^

Lau said...

Kannst ja bald Bilder sehen^^ Aber schade, dass du dieses Jahr nicht auf der LBM warst!

ja... also die Locations werden immer blöder und die ganze Stimmung war halt doof... ob die letzten alle so waren, kann ich nicht sagen aber mir reichts damit erstmal XP

Lau said...

dankeschön ^o^