Nov 6, 2013

Shopping haul

Hello everybody^^

Today I start with my latest shopping hauls for autumn/winter.
Everything is from local stores!
It's all about black, white, grey, blue, bordeaux and houndstooth.

Let's start with my favourite shop this season: New Yorker !
It offers many cool and fashionable garments this season in my oppinion!

Are you searching for clothes with houndstooth pattern?
(one of the biggest trends in gyaru fashion this season)
 Some examples:
New Yorker has trousers, pullovers, dresses, blouses, leggings and skirts in stock with houdstooth pattern.
chiffon blouse (didn't buy it)
mixed pattern pullover (didn't buy it)
pullover (I bought it)
super warm and comfy
 New Yorker also offers many many different beanies like this!
(didn't buy it)
In different colours, with different prints/words...
I remeber how badly I wanted such beanies one year ago! It was hard to find some... Now the trend has finally arrived in the shops!
I also bought two simple skirts. The blue one is from New Yorker. The grey one is from 1982.
At 1982 you can find many cheap basics!
I can recommend it for basic items!
This is the skirt I bought.
I also bought this long pullover at 1982.
Perfect for combinations with leggings!
At H&M you can also find many nice garments!
For example many nice laggings!
I bought these two.
I also bought this dress.
but I customized it....
I made the onepiece a two-piece
Meanwhile H&M offers such sets regularly. It's also a big trend within gyaru fashion. Top&Skirt sets in the same materials and prints! And now H&M offers some jersey sets!

This is one of my favourite items at the moment: Studded beanie form H&M
The last store I visited was TK Maxx!
It's kind of an outlet store so you definitely need to be lucky to find something nice! But I discovered some treasures!^^

Daisy patterns on tops and pullovers are trend in gyaru fashion since last summer.
I found two knitted jackets! And I had to decide between them!
the long cardigan
the short cardigan

But I decided for the long cardigan!

I started the post with houndstooth and it will end with houndstooth!
I found these nice leggings at TK maxx.

So now I can post the casual outfits of last weeks in my next post. You will see some of the new garments very often^^°
bye bye~ chu<3


Miya Skellington said...

super nice gets *__*

mistymysterious said...

Ich hatte auch das Shirtkleid bei H&M gesehen und musste irgendwie sofort an dich denken! xD

Die zweite gemusterte Leggings auf dem Fotos ist echt cool!

Den langen Cardigan mit den Gänseblümchen finde ich auch schicker. Die kleineren Blumen machen irgendwie mehr her.^^

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

I love your new gets!~ <3 I love the best that beanie from H&M :3. It`s really good for rokku gyaru [[but for other styles too]].

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
~yeah ^o^ nice you think this, too <3

Lau said...

haha~ kennst du meinen Geschmack schon so gut XD?
ja der lange Cardy hat sich auch besser getragen!
bye <3

Lau said...

@Soukkuma-Soubi Hayoka
yessss~ definitely for rokku or for casual street styles ^o^
thank you for comment <3