Jul 1, 2014

Dokomi Sunday - Manba Outfit

Hello everbody ^o^

I did my third Manba outfit Dokomi Sunday^^ I did my first Manba outfit Dokomi 2013. So it's already one year since I tried it for the first time.

This year I planned it together with Kiki. She just wanted to have a try but I think she won't do it again ^^°
Kiki is a huge Gachapin fan. So we made Gachapin and Mukku (Fuji TV children's program mascots) the main theme of our outfits ^^
Kiki as Gachapin (the green dinosaur) and me as Mukku (the red furball monster XP)

here you can see the complete coord
Everything is selfmade except for the d.i.a. belt and the strawberry crocks ^^°
Michi wore her short Yukata and Sato cosplayed young Walter (Hellsing)
ready for the heat at Dokomi ^o^
At Dokomi we did nearly the same things as the day before! Sitting at the blanket, meeting friends, walking around, taking photos, eating, drinking bubble tea and so on XD

Hot Dogs were the only food thay you could buy outside -.-° Onigiris were sould out ...
Hot Dog again ^^°
Don't you think my shadow looked like Chewbaka XD ?
Kiki and Conchita Wurst ²
Michi and Ray on the blanket
By the way: I also sewed Kikis outffit^^
I like the colour contrast !!! Complementary contrast !!! XD
With Rays ticket I got the chance to go into the convention building^^
Together with Sato I strolled through the rooms and merch halls.

And hell yes! I found the "We are Team Rocket" plush toys that were only available in Japanese ufo-catcher mashines^^
(I was already annoyed because I didn't buy one of them at Leipzig bookfair...)
Now I have the Meowth balloon pillow (with Team Rocket standing in the cabine <3)
cute Michi in the Japanese garden
The next day (Whitmonday) Kiki and I had a flight back to Berlin in the afternoon.
So we again went into the Immermannstreet to have a nice japanese lunch.

my outfit on Monday
I had Ramen~ yummie <3
We were so lucky that our flight went in the afternoon! Because in the evening the giant thunderstorm and storm started in Düsseldorf. We were really damned lucky!!!!
Bye bye ~ chu <3


Renoyuki said...

Cooool! Ich mag dein Manba Outfit total gerne! Ihr seht beide toll aus! ^^
Ich bin seit ner weile schon am überlegen im nächsten jahr ( vllt. zur LBM) auch mal ein Manba Outfit zu machen. ^_^
Finds auf jeden fall mega klasse! ^^
LG, Renoyuki

N☆WAKI said...

Ohhh you both look so cute !!
I want to try Manba by myself one day, since I want to try as much japanese fashionstyle as possible. Manga girls always look like having a lot of fun and so do you, too.
How do you get your skin this dark? Do you use spray or anything? And how long does it last?
I'm curious since I don't want my skin to be dark for a long time.

Serina said...

fbgesdhfiurhgidx!!! *^* ♥ ♥ ♥
Sorry! I got a little excited because YOU. LOOK. SO. GREAT. !!!
When you describes the design to me I may imagined something like that but this is amazing!
I really like the way you did Mukku with the yellow ribbon as his antenna. Great Idea. And you look Fabulous!
Kikis Outfit is really cute too! I LOVE it! You both look great! My favourite picture is the one in front of the fountain.

Lau said...

danke dankeeee ^^
mach das^^ macht auf jeden Fall Spaß und ist mal was anderes XP
bye ^^

Lau said...

thank you sooo much ^^
... ich schreib mal auf deutsch: Die Bräune auf Gesicht und Oberkörper ist relativ dunkles make-up gemischt mit mittlebrauner Bodypaintingfarbe! Das hält wirklich nur so lange, bis mans wieder abwischt/abwäscht. Und an den Beinen trage ich ne dunkle Strumpfhose XP Wenn du es so machst wie ich, dann rauchst du keine Angst haben, lange braun zu bleiben^^ Probier's aus ^^ Wenn der Style in Japan schon ausgestorben ist, dann können wir Gaijins ruhig was zur Arterhaltung tun XP

Lau said...

Danköööööö <3 <3 <3 haha cool, dass man das mit der gelben Schleife/Antenne erkennt XD coool XD
jaaa das mag ich auch so gerne <3
bye bye ^o^