Aug 3, 2014

Day with Kiki/ Puris/ shopping/ outfit

Hello everybody ^o^

Last weekend Kiki and I met for doing purikura, going for a meal, doing some shopping... just to hang around together ^^

I dressed up quite kuro gyaru ^^
...I wish I had real flared d.i.a. pants... this one sucks at photos -.-°
hat, top - H&M
trousers - selfmade
belt - d.i.a.
shoes - Deichmann
I used the BaByliss waver for my hair again ^^ And some light pink hair chalk for the bottom layer of my bangs and for my hair-ends!
oh my... this stupid grin XP.....
At first we did purikura^^
I like them <3 They turned out very summery <3

Afterwards we went to Alexanderplatz to go to the huge Saturn (electronic store). Well that's not that interesting but we made some outfit photos on the Alex ^^.
I edited them like "Street Groove" from Egg magazine XP
I'd like to edit more street snaps of my Gyarusa girls like this ^o^ I hope I get the chance~

On the Alexanderplatz we discovered a moving dragon made of metal,cables and other scrab! On the photo you can't figure it out but it looked quite impressive moving and fire-spitting!
Kiki in front of the dragon ^^
Afterwards we went to the Japanese restaurant Makoto!
I just had a kaiso salad because I was not very hungry...
We were sitting there for quite a while... watching the last two Egg issues Q___Q
Btw. should I make scans??? Are you interested???
Then we went a little bit shopping. There are so many sales around!!! It's worth going shopping XP
I bought two tops and flared short pants. They are so much flared you can't even tell they're pants ^^° They're looking like a skirt~ so cute
floral flared pants and ruffle chiffon top in white...
... and turquoise ~ haha I couldn't decide for what colour >.<.. so I took both of them!!!
everything form Tally Weijl
The pants reminded me a lot of those I've seen in June Egg issue:
And the ciffon tops for sure were in fashion this summer:
various similar tops from d.i.a. ...
Kiki got this neon yellow/green hoodie jacket for cheap at H&M!
Kiki sitting at Coffee Fellows and showing her haul XD
I realized that it's the same jacket as Gugu is wearing in Egg June issue o.O
it's really from H&M
Frozen Angel frappeé <3
That's it for today ^^
bye bye ~ chu <3


N☆WAKI said...

I didn't know there is a purikura device in berlin!! O__O Where is it? I really need to know >o<
Both of you look pretty good. I like your editing <3

Lau said...

The Purikura mashine is inside the "J-Store" in Kantstraße 125. It's already there for one year! Strange that you didn't know o.O It's the same owner who just also brought a brand new puri mashine to Hamburg. The Berlin puri mashine was once standing in Hamburg before.

Eva C. said...

I think it's really cool that you made those pants yourself :O And I love the skort you bought <3 could you do scans of june egg issue? I didn't buy that one >.< ^^

アニア said...

Diese Egg Magazine Street Snap Edits sind so cool geworden!! Richtig gute Idee! :D Sahst wieder mal von Oben bis Unten top gestylt aus! < 3
"I love Schnurrbart" xD

ゼリー Hime said...

i'm in love with your outfit and the h&m bag is so cool ahah

Lau said...

@Eva C.
Thank you ^^ but they're not wide enough.... -.-°
aaaa~ it's called "skort" never heard of thad english term before!!! Thank you ^^

If I find the time I will do scans of these issues! Also of June issue^^


Lau said...

jaaaaa "I love Schnurrbart"... den Spruch bringen Kiki und ich immer wenn wir irgendwas mit nem "mustache" sehen XP.... die Dinge gehen einem ja schon auf den Kecks seit mindestens nem Jahr... ach was 2 Jahren.." überall "I Herz Schnurrbartbild"...

Lau said...

Thank you so much <3
bye <3

Nagareboshi said...

Coole outfits. ^^

Anonymous said...

Wow, those street snaps look really cool! <3 And much love for your eye-makeup, I never manage to get the lines so thin.

could you maybe do a tutorial for some of the more basic make-ups you use? like how to apply the eye-liner, where to put highlights, etc?