Aug 25, 2014

Behind the scenes: Kuro/96 Gal shoot

Hello everybody ^o^

I'm still at Michis place in Düsseldorf but today I have some time to blog. So I wanna show you some behind-the-scenes photos of the kuro gyaru shooting of my gyarusa.

 We wanna do many shootings in every different gal styles.
In summer I'm always totally into d.i.a. styles <3 So it was great to have the chance to do many different outfits for one occasion.

first photo of my finished hairstyle <3
The light blue colour is hairchalk and the pink hair are pink clip-ins!
The shooting took part at the youth club "Feuerwache".
So this was my half finished outfit on my way!

I met there with Kiki, Mao, Hani, Tine and some others (who didn't took part ine the shooting).
At first Hani and Mao had to do make-up and hair...
Kiki is waiting ^^
my first shooting outfit
When everybody was ready we searched for different shooting locations all around the corner!
Mao and me testing the location ^^
haha~ scepticism ???
Well I don't wanna show you the real shooting photos yet because the post on our blog is not finished yet! But be prepared for this post the next time! I will tell you when it's ready!
But here you can see some more "pictures" ^o^:
Mojito's Vine

my second outfit
my third outfit
pirate Hani & me
Cowboy Mao & me
with badass Tine
and with hot stuff Kiki XD
After the shooting Hani, Kiki, Mao and me went to an Indian restaurant. It was  one of the last days with super warm weather. It was so warm even at night! It was so nice to sit outside in such a warm summer night!!!
my outfit after the shooting

bye bye ~ chu <3


Miuko said...

Deine Haare sehen toll aus *__* Und die Outfits sind auch toll, bin schon gespannt auf das Ergebnis von eurem Fotoshoot!

Renoyuki said...

Oh ich glaub mein handy hatte den kommi nicht geladen. ok versuch no. 2 XD

Ich finde die Outfits total klasse und auch die Haare wieder schön gestylt!
Bin schon sehr auf die shootingbilder gespannt! ^_^

N☆WAKI said...

Euer Shooting war echt super >o< <3 Ich mag es echt wie du deine Haare immer so stylst.
ich habe dich übrigens für den "liebsten award" nominiert! Würde mich freuen wenn du vorbei guckst: