Aug 21, 2014

Outfits and random informations XP

Hello gals <3

It's been a while since I blogged... hmmmm... so sorry but at first I didn't have anything interestig to show you and afterwards I was so much on the move that I didn't find the time to update! ^^°

So lets start with some outfits:

1. I wore this when I met with Kiki at a Saturday. But I didn't take more photos of the day ^^°....
top, skorts - Tally Weijl
shoes - Deichmann
accessories - Claire's, F21, C&A...
fashion point: chiffon top and flared skorts

2. outfit when I went to the nail studio
fashion point: sporty casual
skirt - F21
top, shoes - H&M
socks - Co&Lu
cap - ...tourist shop in London

3. I wore this for school enrolment presents' shopping for my niece
fashion point: black maxidress + black hat

maxidress - H&M
top - New Yorker
necklace - Claire's
hat - Hep 5 Osaka... (forgot which shop)

4.  I went to the turkish textile market with this outfit
bandeau top - Tally Weijl
top, shorts, sunglasses - H&M
denim shirt - New Yorker
cap - Tedi
shoes - Deichmann
fashion point: casual summer
5. I met with Hani and Mao that day
fashion point - neo pastel My little Pony XD
top - Primark
shorts - Pimkie
hoodie jacket - ...???
shoes - Spinns
sunglasses - ebay

6. It was my sisters birthday and we celebrated in Potsdam.
top - Tally Weijl
trousers - Sylvia Heise
denim shirt - New Yorker
sunglasses - F21
shoes - Deichmann
fashion point: simple mature (white x denim)
7. just did some transactions in my neightbourhood with this outfit 
longarmshirt - Tally Weijl
shorts, jacket - H&M
shoes - Deichmann
fashion point: sweet mature
 8. I went again to the textile market that day
fashion point: cool neon
yellow top, jacket, sunglasses - H&M
white top - Lidl
leggings - selfmade
shoes - Deichmann

9. I met Hani, Mao and Kiki wearing this outfit.
(Of course it's a wig ^^°)
T-shirt, shoes - H&M
dress - unknown shop in London
hat - turkish textile market
belt - Tally Weijl
fashion point: sweet natural
You see I wore many different styles lately... after wearing d.i.a. over and over again (for example on my gyarusa's Kuro Gyaru shooting !!! informations coming soon!) I felt like wearing some more Sweet or Onee Gyaru styles. Some of my stylings also go into direction Neo Gal or just Chitejo (simple&casual) and some are inspired by Manya...
Which outfit do you like the most???

Well, if you prefer my Kuro/Tsuyome Gal stylings, then I have nice news for you XD
I prepared a Kuro Gyaru make up tutorial!
It's about this look!
And here is a little preview of our Kuro/Tsuyome... shooting - behind-the-scenes:
I will show you some more behind-the-scenes photos next time!
At the moment I'm busy sewing cosplays and other stuff...
Here is just a little summary:
fabric haul
pattern constructions and cutting
half finished...
Ii hito... (Golden Bomber)
Ganguro/Kogyaru James
just black bandeau tops for Kiki and me ^^
Tomorrow I will go to Düsseldorf for 5 or 6 days to visit my friend Michi and who ever wants to see me ^^
bye bye ~ chu <3


~*NeNe*~ said...

ich glaub ich hab dich auch am MI dann gesehen xD (hatte Hani gesehen)...war auch im neo und als ich rausging, hab ich im augenwinkel was blumiges gesehen, aber nicht weiter hingeschaut. dann warst du das haha
mist, hätte ich mal genauer hingeschaut >////<
schöner post! ich liebe deine outfits! :) und deine frisuren sind jedes mal wunderbar :)
liebe grüße ^^

Kiki said...

Ich wünsche dir gaaaanz viel Spaß in Düsseldorf, viele Grüße an Michi, an mein Asahi-Bier, was bei ihr noch im Kühlschrank steht xD und Michi ist schon ganz hibbelig aufs Shoppen (hab mit ihr gestern gerade noch telefoniert ^^)
Btw das Lidl-Top ist echt cool o___O
und der Rest sowieso <3

Abbie said...

Lau, I love your fashion sense so much! You continue to be one of my biggest gaijin gyaru inspirations. I love how you can so easily look perfect in one style or the other!

Also you're such a great cosplayer!

cookiescorpse said...

oh pls *-* I love all your outfits but, where did you bou your trooper necklace? IT'S TOTALLY COOL!

Answer me here if you can > <
Thank you <3

N☆WAKI said...

wowO_O you look totally different with your brown wig, but it' super cute!

Nagareboshi said...

So viele schöne Outfits! Echt super. ^^

ゼリー Hime said...

can't wait to see the next tutorial <3 however i do love when you wear dia clothes but the last pic with you wearing a bob wig it's super cute <3