Dec 7, 2014

Outfits and some shopping

Hello everybody ^^

Last week Mao, Jaqckeline and I decided to go clubbing. Last time we went clubbing was in June^^°...
My outfit:
top - Tally Weijl
skirt - New Yorker
belt - d.i.a.
cross necklace - TutuHa 

I used my waving iron and added pink extes.
And yes, I did a pretty heavy eye make up!
upper lashes: Eyemazing No.501 + Diamond Lash Angel Eye
bottom lashes: chinese ebay seller
Here are some photos made by the club photographer.

I went some Christmas presents shopping yesterday with my niece and my mom. But I also shopped for myself XD

my look:
with coat
It's a completely different look. Make up is definitely much more natural and the hairstyle with these voluminous curls and without bangs looks in a way more mature.
But I think it's also a little bit sweet + agejo like because of the colour combination of black and pink.

I still had a H&M voucher from my birthday (my sister gave me this present very late^^°) So I bought many things at H&M this time!
I bought this beautiful pink peplum top <3
And I bought this romantic longsleeved blouse~ perfect for onee gyaru!
OMG look at this *o*
The hat (which I also bought) is completely filled with accessories. Every item was just 1€ . So my mom, my niece and I had a huge accessory haul XD
my new accessories <3 (every item 1€!!!)
I also bought this pink sweater!
oh, and this is the hat I bought!
happy <3 (this is just the general look of the day)
I was very surprised that I fit in trousers at Orsay... o.O I actually never fit in any trousers no matter what label...
but I didn't byu them... I think I don't need grey trousers...
But I needed this simple black skirt from New Yorker! It's the same cut as the leopard skirt from the beginning of this post!
All my black skirts are flared, with lace, with ruffles, printed or anything else. So I needed this simple one!
my complete haul (without accessories)
I hope I can do some nice coords with these garments ^o^
bye bye for today~ chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

sooo many nice gets!!

N☆WAKI said...

I really like your clubbing outfit <3
And I like your necklace in the last pictures!! *O*

Lau said...

yes XD I agee XD
thank you for your comment ^o^

Lau said...

thank you so much <3
which necklace? the one I bought? Or what I'm wearing? What I'm wearing is not a necklace. It's starps from the bra! It belongs to a d.i.a. top.
bye bye and thankxxx <3