Mar 31, 2015

Bookfair Leipzig Saturday~ Digimon Tri cosplay group (me as Jou Kido)

Hello everybody ^^

Today I wanna show you my bookfair Saturday!

I was part of a big cosplay group. You know there will be a new season of Digimon with the original characters of the very first season.
It will be called ~Digimon Tri~ and even before the series has started we cosplayed it ^^'

4-5 years ago I've done sooo many Digimon cosplays and so we tried to round parts of the old cosplay group up!
Two examples of my old Digimon cosplay groups:
We managed to join some cosplayers of the old "cast" for our new group! That was amazing <3
new character design~
Michi, Kirschu, Sato and me shared a flat in Leipzig for the time of the bookfair and all of us were in the cosplay group~
thr "boys" on the way
love you guys~
We met around 10:30 inside the fair halls.
part of the group
I think glasses suit me!!!
My main characters to cosplay always were Jou/Joey/Joe and Ken and Miyako/Yolei. As this group just shows characters from the very first season I filled the role as Jou Kido again!

we're form the original Digimon Adventure cosplay cast <3
Mimi as Mimi and Sato as Koushiro/Izzy
the girls~ Mimi and Padfood as Sora
Ain't we beautiful?
Kirschu as Takeru/T.K. and Jana as Hikari/Kari
oh my gosh... Koromon has a shit-hole....

Mimis boyfriend is a great photographer and made a really nice photoshoot with us. But you know editing photos needs some time and so I can't show you the photos right now. I haven't seen them either^^° I just have all the selfies and some of my own photos:
me and Bukamon ^^
Michi as Yamato/Matt with Tsunomon <3
 We all had a really nice time together <3
The fair was crowded as always....
But it's nice to wear a relaxing cosplay on a Saturday! It was super comfy and I felt well!....
ok. I had a cold and my nose was completely blocked up -.-° but that was the only thing that bothered me^^

I also met Kiki ans Senja <3 So pretty!

And I met Hani, Mao, Jacqueline and Ackermann in their Fire Emblem cosplays!
Great work!
We started drawing at the fogged windows ~
Free(mon) as Taichi~ yeah~...
with Kirschus Instax
Just a lovely day with crazy people~ perfect!!!!

GlomB videographer made a video with us. He filmed way more scenes than these who made it into the video XD
But please have look. The whole video is really nice! (our group is visible form 3:08)

In the end of the day my "flatmates" and I made pizza and ate and drank way too much (cake, macarons, egg liqueur, wine...) and celebrated into Kirschus birthday <3 <3 <3

our selfmade pizza <3
my presents for Kirschu ^^
So that was the veeeery long Saturday of my bookfair!
It was so amazing <3 <3 <3

bye bye~ chu ^o^


Renoyuki said...

Wow, das Cos ist voll super und wenn ich die Bilder so sehe, erinner ich mich wieder daran, wie gern ich Digimon immer geschaut habe! ^^ Das Video ist echt klasse und schön gemacht! ^-^

LG~~~ <3

Lau said...

Dankeschön ^^
Ja Digimon war immer ein großer Part meiner Vergangenheit! Ob nun in der Kindheit oder mein erneuter Flash vor ein paar Jahren XD
bye bye

Jenny ♥ said...

Jetzt muss ich Digimon mal wieder schauen <3 euer Cosplay ist echt prima und ich find eure Mimi voll süß! <3 Schöne Geschenke hattest du auch für Kirschu~

Lau said...

haha~ mach das ^^ ist nie verkehrt XD
ja Mimi ist die geborene Mimi XD sie heißt auch überall Mimi oder Mimilicous und sou ^^ Sie war schon immer unsere Mimi!
danke für dn Kommi <3

mistymysterious said...

Wie ich mich auf Digimon tri freue. <3 Ihr seht klasse aus - Jou steht dir klasse - und Mimi als Mimi... hervorragend!! x//3