Feb 21, 2013

Meeting friends last Saturday

Hello gals ^o^

Actually I thought I had nothing to do on weekend and nowbody had time... wrong ^^°
Fuyu came to Berlin in the evening for a party and asked me to see each other.
I definitely did not want to attend the party... but meeting Fuyu is always nice ^^.

So I thought I have a loooot of time until the evening when we should meet.
But next morning suddenly Kiki asked to meet for a coffee.
~haha~ so I was on the road the complete day ^o^ It was super nice to have plans for the day instead of lazing around at home. ^^

really heavy make up that day:

my outfit:

Kiki and I were sitting at Coffee Fellows and chatting and then we were strolling around... so no special photos to show you....

just this evidence photo~ haha~ Kiki and me...
...and some camwhoring in the bathroom of the public toilets...^^°
At 6pm I met Fuyu and her friend Leif at the Alexanderplatz.
We went to shopping center Alexa.

Fuyu rummaging around in her cosmetic bag ^o^
We spent a lot of time at Claire's.
I found a simple cross necklace, I was searching for and a pair of cross earrings with studs and a pair of giant hair clasps.

the simple cross necklace
the earrings
the hair clasps
me wearing the hair clasps the next day
At H&M I tried that jacket with leather arms. Super cool design!
And we had a little photo shooting in the changing room~ haha ~ suuuuper funny, but unfortunately Fuyu has nearly all the photos on her camera^^°
I have just this silly one XD

silly photo is silly...^^°
At Tally Weijl I bought some other hair clasps (6 pieces for 99cent ^^°) and a super cool chain belt.

I always need these for selfmade hair bows and stuff.
the chain belt
Some other photos of Fuyu and me:

We had a lot of fun ^^ Especially when a woman/girl came towards us and asked for sales strategies for a cookbook!...o.O what??? no ideas...~ haha
Some people are doing strange tasks ^^°

At Mister*Lady I found jeans with a similar print and colour as Co&Lu sells at the moment. But the ones at Mister*Lady were skinny and not baggy.....

If they had been baggy, I would have bought them! But I don't need another skinny one!
Fuyu and Leif still had some time before the party would start, so we spend the rest of the evening at McDonalds.
We were chatting a whole lot! And I ate something there o.O! Actually I don't like McDonalds so much ^^°... But I was hungry!

Leif and Fuyu at McDonalds
At about midnight I came back home and was hella happy that I did not go partying because I got a big headache -.-°
But it was a super nice day <3 thank you girls (^v^)

bye bye ~ chu <3


センヤ●Sano said...

aww ig will auch mal mit euch shoppen gehen <3

Lau said...

dann komm das nächste mal mit XD oder sag Bescheid, wenn du mal in Berlin bist XD oder kann man in Cottbus auch gut shoppen? Dann komm ich hin XXDDD