Feb 6, 2013

What I did in my freetime

Hello everybody ^o^

I still had the TKmax voucher I got as a Christmas present!
So I went a little bit shopping ^^

At first I went NOT to TKmax...but a very small shop with shoes and bags caucht my attention!
I found super cool black overknee boots with comfortable heels.
(I just found black overknee boots with extreme high heels before.... I mean: super sexy... but seriouly nothing to walk in for everyday... -.-°)

I got the shoes in a super cool leopard box *o* I use it now to store hair accessories XD

haha~ and have a look at the most extreme shoes in the shop *o* OMG nice to look at but not to walk in ~haha

But then I went to TKmax. I had a voucher for 30€. So I had to search for garments in order not to exceed the limit~haha
I tried many things... for example:

nice...but nothing super special...
cute heart design but.... unflattering cut...
cute unicorn print but.... poor quality of sewing
In the end I bought to sweaters. One black with studs and one beige with openwork. Both together ca. 30 €! Perfect!
the black one:
what I bought: simple black with "studs"

the beige one:
openwork knits

And in the end I also found this super bargain: white knit poncho

for 3 *o* (not in the limit of my voucher but...haha~ verrrrry affordable)

Last Saturday I decided to skip learing and met Kiki instead. Super nice to meet a friend again~  I feel so isolated while learning!

my outfit:
some kind of....hiphop, oraora whatever related ??? styling
with natural curl of my own hair and natural curl of my extensions~ really!!!

We went eating something and again watched "The Hobbit" in cinema <3 We're both super fans of Tolkiens writings and Peter Jacksons movie adaptions~ so we had to watch the film for the second time.^o^
No photos from cinema....

...BUT look what I found at H&M *o*

I always wanted to have such "fake Litas" but I always was too mean for spending 40€ or more....
sometimes it's worth waiting for better prizes: 10€ at SALE *yeeeeeha* (^v^)v
aren't they choooooo kakkoi <3
last mirror shot at Jumex (no nice shoes there at the moment...)

 Last Sunday I made Tapioka Milk Tea. The everlasting cooking of the Tapioka pearls was the real challenge^^°
My new recipe was better. So after my first abortive attempt, I succeeded~haha

white tapioka pearls (looks like some are not well done but the all had the same consistency)
the sugar syrup
tapioka pearls in sugar syrup
bye bye ~chu <3


tine said...

ihr habt bubbletea selber gemach, wie geil ist das denn :D ne freundin von mir studiert irgendsowas biologisches und die hatten sowas auch letztens an der uni gemacht.

ich seh immer mal wieder fake litas in div. türkischen schuhläden, ich möchte mir fast noch ein paar kaufen. am liebsten in beige...
ich mag außerdem den oraora / hiphop stil an dir :D aber kann dran liegen das ich den stil eh liebe hihi

Lau said...

also ich hab die Tapioka perlen nicht richtig selber gemacht... nur eben als trockene Kugeln gekauft und aufgekocht (ewige Zeiten -.-°) und mit selbst gemachten Zuckersyrup versetzt und dann halt Milchtee dazu ^^

Ja... ich brauche auch noch helle Schuhe...beige oder so cremeweiß... mal gucken, was der Frühling so bringt ^^

danköööööö <3 So richtig oraora mag ich je eigentlich gar nicht... aber mit dem cappy mag ich so stylings am mir auch ganz gerne <3

Miya Skellington said...

Wirklich ein toller Blog. *__*
Deine Outfits sind echt cool~

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
dankeschöööön <3
und danke fürs Folgen <3 <3 <3

かし★Kashi said...

OMG! I like your outfit ♥ This panther pants are great! I Love it! *-*

Tama-Licious said...

aww ich liebe deinen Blog!

Ö_Ö Und ich liebe diese half-leo-hose....


Ich glaub ich muss auch mal bubble tea selber machen XD Dann ist mein Schatz permanent happy!


kiss kiss

Anonymous said...

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Lau said...

thank you so much <3

Lau said...

danke danke <3
haha~ ist A-chan so bubble-fanatisch? XXDDD Dann mal ran an die Tapioka-Perlen XD

Fanny said...

like your outfit :3