Feb 22, 2013

Gyaru Manga review ~Kechonpa~

Hello Gals ^o^
Today I wanna introduce you to a manga series that I found accidentally while searching for gyaru photos on the internet.

 It’s called Kechonpa. And it’s about Gals ^o^. The mangaka is Hijiri Chiaki and it was published since 2010 in Japan. The story is completed in 3 volumes.
But as I found out the author had to finish the series because the magazine that had been carrying the serial folded.

Kechonpa Volume 1
cover of a chapter
The target group is NOT that young and childish as it is for other gyaru themed Mangas like GALS!
The main characters are about 20 years old and even the style of drawing is not that girly/shoujo manga like and seems more rough and mature but cute at the same time.

For me the story is not that spectacular and even reminds me of GALS! With that police/detective/helpers story it’s kind of a mature version of GALS!... not really but it seems like.
Nevertheless the manga is worth a view!

volume 2
Ririko, a stylish Charisma Gal from Shibuya, finds herself playing amateur detective after an unexpected turn of events. She is keen to solve cases to prove herself worthy of her “fiancé” Nii. That man is an elite police detective and they know each other since their childhood and youth.
The most complicated fact is that Nii has no clue Ririko is a Gal. So she has to switch between edgy gyaru and good Japanese girl when it comes to the worst!

 The main story is focused on Ririko and her gyaru friends. They have to deal with stalking, blackmailing and of course the prejudices against Gals!

The mangas are definitely NOT published in German and I doubt they are in English… but I’m not sure… you don’t find that much information about the series.
But you can read the story online via diverse scanlation pages in English language like  here
(mangahere.com) (that’s the page where I got all the pictures from) or many others!

Here are some randomly chosen pages:
 So far it’s just 7 Chapters online… but I read somewhere that the next chapters will be uploaded in 4 month…??? What a long time to wait…. But ok ^^
I’m happy that I found out about Kechonpa (^v^) Maybe you are interested, too!

great colo ^^

bye bye ~chu <3
I'll gonna make a rewiew about my favourite gyaru themed Manga/Anime: GALS! sometime ^^


センヤ●Sano said...

uh klingt interessant *____*

Miya Skellington said...

Klingt echt interessant. *__* Vielleicht schau ich mal ob man den irgendwo bekommen kann ^^

Ayarelle ♥ said...

Der Manga klingt echt gut & mir gefällt der Zeichenstil voll <3
Außerdem isses mal was über Gal's, hatte man so auch noch nicht xD

& mir gefällt dein Blog wirklich gut, ich mag deinen Style und werd dir folgen ^o^ <3

Lau said...

jap, fand ich auch, als ich erste Bilder gefunden hatte ^^

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
er ist denke ich wirklich nur offiziell auf jap. erschienen...
bis auf die englishen Scanlations, die ja von Fans gemacht sind, hab ich nix gefunden...
aber vielleicht findest du ja mehr heraus ^^

Lau said...

danke für den Kommentar <3
ja, mir hat der Zeichensil auch zugesagt ^o^ und das Thema Gals sowieso ^^
danke danke <3 <3 <3 für's folgen und überhaupt ^^

Anel-ChaN♥ said...

Lo voy a leer ♥

ayuPanda said...

Danke für den Tipp =)
werde ich gleich mal suchen und lesen. Ich hoffe das es den vllt auch in Deutschland gibt.

Lau said...

great you are reading ^^
thank you for comment ^o^

Lau said...

bitte bitte für den Tip ^^
ich denke eher nicht, dass er nach Deutschlang gebracht wird... aber wer weiß ^^

Chaudie said...

Wow! And I just found this after reading teke teke rendezvous thanks for the heads up, I'm going to find and read this one.