Feb 19, 2013

Outfits and random stuff

Hello my lovely followers <3

Today my second Japanese course (evening classes) will start.... I hope I did not forget everything in the 2 month without course... let's see XD

Today I wanna show you the last outfits I wore at university.
Nothing special but here are the coords that I really liked!

fashion point: flared sweater
fashion point: mature business atmosphere
fashion point: the hairstyle

Lately I use those wide scrunchies/ hair ties very often ^^
So I decided to sew some more to have more variety in colour and style!

these are the new ones I made ^o^
and two bows matching this scrunchy ^o^
last outfit
fashion point: floral skirt (from Kinji~ used clothing)
That's it ^^
Thank you for reading <3 chu~
bye bye ^o^


Miya Skellington said...

Such nice outfits *__* I really like your style and your hair looks so cute on the last photos ^^

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
thank youuuuuu <3 I like the haistyle, too ~haha