May 7, 2013

Meeting with Fuyu and Hani and random stuff

Hello gals^^

Let's start with the random stuff ^^
The video rental store next to my home closed down and sold all DVDs and stuff for cheap (1-3€ each).
So I had a look to get maybe some nice anime films or bollywood films. But they were actually all sold already -.-°

But I was lucky nevertheless~ I got some other lovely films that I didn't have on DVD until now!

Wicky und die starken Männer (I love Bully films ^o^); Charly and the chocolate factory (I love Tim Burton/Jonny Depp films even more XD); and Chicago (One of the best musical films ever!!!)
Some days later I bought another DVD that was just released. Yeaaaaah  "The Hobbit" <3 <3 <3

Some time ago I met with Fuyu and Hani just after university.
Fuyu was in Berlin because of an excursion of her university. But in the afternoon she had free time so Hani and I decided to meet her ^o^

Here is my make up and my look.


We met at Potsdamer Platz  and went to an Asian restaurant. While the other girls were hungry I just had a Matcha ice cream^^°

Does anybody know what this white stuff is on the plate? It tasted like popcorn but we couln't find out what it was~ haha
Later on we were strolling through the Potsdamer Platz Arcades and were relaxing in the Sony Center. We were talking and laughting and taking some photos (most of them with Fuyus cam^^°)

Hani, Fuyu and me <3
Sony Center
I guess there was not one single citizen of Berlin in that area~ haha (except Hani and me) This place is so crowded with tourists.... this day: invasion of Frensh tourists -.-°

It was a really nice afternoon. Thank you girls <3
That's it^^ bye bye ~ chu <3


Victoria said...

ehr ja, ich hänge schon wieder hinterher :'D

Haha, aber dein Outfit war wie immer total hübsch & dein Make-up auch~ <33

Danke nochmal, dass du dir Zeit genommen hattest den Tag ^0^

Lau said...

ich häng ja selber hinterher ^^°
danke dankeeeee <3 immer wieder gerne <3 <3 <3~ haha