May 13, 2013

Outfit rundown

Hello gals ^o^

This will be a post full of outfits of the last weeks.
They are all simple outfits worn at university!!!

I divided them into three sections.
 CUTE           .......        CASUAL           ........            COOL

Let's start with the more or less CUTE coordinates.

1. fashion point: Liz Lisa onepiece

This coord is quite extreme for university but I had a presentation about gyaru fashion at university ^^° So I thought it might be a good idea to SHOW them sweet gyaru in real life~ haha
This is how I simplified the outfit in the afternoon. (My curls have hung out~ haha)
2. fashion point: Ank Rouge sweater

3. fashion point: blouse from Spinns

Let's move on to the more CASUAL coords.

1. fashion point: denim meets denim

I just loooove the cap <3

2. fashion point: striped maxi dress (selfmade)

3. fashion point: froggish (because of the bright green XD)

It was the first time wearing the america print hotpants >.< ...seems difficult to coordinate for me...

4. fashion point: salmon pink/white dress (selfmade)

5. fashion point: STAR WARS skirt <3 <3 <3

6. fashion point: Glavil necklace

 And here are finally the COOL coords. I can't find a better name for them. But they are neither cute nor sportive (as the casual ones...)
1. fashion point: mud colours
2. fashion point: zebra leggings (selfmade)
3. fashion point: onetone~ white
same outfit but with jacket~ still white in white
You might have recognized my favourite pieces and items...~ haha
Things I like to wear right now are:
- light denim blouse - caps - cross necklaces - overszised sewater + short skirt - white platforms -
And I tend to wear a lot of casual/sportive outfts at the moment.
bye bye ~ chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

I love them!!! Pretty *_*

Suzu Blog said...

Love it *_*
Am besten find ich die niedlichen Outfits *_*

mistymysterious said...

Das Frosch-Outfit ist cool! Ich habe ja schon mal gesagt, dass ich die Kappe liebe. <3

Die süßen Outfits passen aber auch wirklich hervorragend zu dir, wie ich finde. Das LizLisa Kleid und die Spinns Bluse sind wirklich toll!

Ruki said...

Die sind dir wiedermal sehr gut gelungen :3
Vor allem das erste und das mit der Frosh-Cappy *-*

リカ said...

Deine Outfits sind perfekt!! ♡(^∇^)
Ich finde Spinns auch echt super, ist jetzt ein MUSS geworden, wenn ich in Tokyo bin.
Das ¥ Cap ist auch klasse. (=^ェ^=)