May 17, 2013

Outfits, random stuff and what I will do the next week

Hello everybody^^
this post is a little bit of anything and everything....

Next weekend I'm going to attend the convention "Dokomi" (located in Düsseldorf), next week I'll have a short trip to London wirh my friend Michi and the weekend after I'm going to visit the Japan- Day in Düsseldorf.
So... full program... and I don't think that I will have time to blog during that time.

That's why I wanted to blog today one last post before leaving ^o^

These photos are just some self shots. I wanted to try out different perspectives. My make up is really simple and just everyday make up. But I want to share the photos with you nevertheless.

I really hope that I can meet a lot of people at Dokomi and J-Day^^
Here ist what I will wear:

Saturday Dokomi: no Cosplay - "just" an outfit
haha~ I guess you can figure out what kind of outfit it will be XD (these photos were just a try how to handle the I just did the make up half-way^^°...just a quick try)
Dokomi Sunday: Cosplay -Michiru- (Sket Dance)
That's how I will almost look like^^° I will have a small cosplay group with my friends Michi and Sato

Japan-Day Düsseldorf: I will wear my favourite Yukata again ^o^
This is a photo of last year. This year I want to arrange it a little different!
So now you all know slightly the way I will look like! Unfortunately I don't know how some of my friends will look like... I hope I don't run past them ^^°
Hmmm what did I want to tell you....??? Aaaaah...I've sewn a new skirt. It's a waist-high maxi skirt with a button plaket. It's creme-white and really romantic!!!

And finally here are last weeks outfits:

1. fashion point: flared vertical striped skirt (selfmade)
2. fashion point: rocking zebra
3. fashion point: cute zebra
4. fashion point: brown floral dress
That's it ^^
bye bye ~ chu <3


テレザ said...

Schöne Outfits^^
Man, ich beneide euch alle, die zum Japantag können..ich muss arbeiten-.-Naja gut, ich arbeite auf der Oststraße, wahrscheinlich seh ich euch alle vorbeilaufen aber am Rhein zu sein wäre schon schön (;.;)
Wünsch dir viel Spaß, freu mich schon auf deinen Japantag-Post^^

Rukipe said...

Ich hoffe ich sehe dich in deinem Yutaka am Japantag! *__*

ユネたん said...

Sehr schöne Outfits!!^^
Dein Yukata ist so schön!:D
Ich war das letzte Jahr auch im Yukata auf dem Japantag:D
Schade das ich dieses Jahr nicht hingehen werde, so habe ich gar keine Gelegenheit mehr meinen Yukata zu tragen.
Freue mich schon darauf die ganzen Bilder zu sehen <3

Chrissie said...

Very cute outfits!

Andü said...

*___* die letzten beiden outfits sind superschön!