Nov 12, 2013

Liz Lisa outfit last Saturday

Hello gals^^

Well, actually I don't have something special to show you...
These are only some photos of last Saturday that I spend with my dear friend Kiki^^

 my styling:
I wore sweet gyaru again. It's like I change styles every weekend^^°...
suspender-skirt: Liz Lisa
the rest: offbrand (H&M, Primark ....)

eye make up with my favourite bottom lashes at the moment (Dolly Wink - baby gril)

at Neo Tokyo I bought the October Popteen (the newest issue they had in stock...)
 Kiki and I were strolling through some shops and were drinking a coffee, and were eating something... very ordinary stuff...

Here are just some photos inside a changing room XD
not this posing again -,-°
Kiki was thinking about dying her hair back to blonde. What do you think? Doesn't she look absolutely gorgeous in brown with just some blonde strands?

By the way: I bought this pullover at Tally Weijl.
I like the crossed straps at the neckline!
And of course I bought the ankle boots which I've already seen last week! I wanted to have them so badly!
bye bye ~ chu <3


rika said...

Süße outfits! >o<
Ich finde ihre aktuelle Haarfarbe echt schön! ^__^ Wirkt natürlich.

Lau said...

dankeschöön ^o^
ja, sie will wohl auch dabei bleiben ^^°...