Nov 7, 2013

Outfits and new nails

Hello everybody^^

During the last weeks I collected many outfit photos.
Some of them were too uninteresting to show you but all are quite casual because they were my everyday outfits for work at my internship!

The sweet coords:






7. my bithday outfit: (my birthday way on a Monday this year... so I had to work the whole day)
my birthday make up: simple but with feathery lashes (I don't use fake lashes at work usualy)
Guess what I got as birthday present?
Pokémon X Edition, the guide bookled and a Nintendo 3DS <3
I'm sooo in love with the new edition <3 It's great fun to play the game ^o^ But actually I don't have much time to play... just after work in the evenings...but when should I edit photos or blog??? I don't have enough time -.-°...

Anyway..let's continue with the outfit photos!
the casual, sportive, street style ones:

(the full body shot went out completely blurred... so I just have this one^^°)






nearly the same as the outfit before...


Did you spot the garments that I'm using very often at the moment?
Yeah... for example the studded beanie, or the houndstooth pullover ^^°

I've got a new simple nail design.
The topic is: clear parts!
top: left hand; bottom: right hand
My favourite nails are the ones with the clear crosses!

That's it^^
bye bye ~chu <3


Patricia said...

I really LOVE your outfits and your taste to mix diferent clothes! you always look super cute! :_D

AtomicNony said...

I love your outfits. Both styles suit you well :)

Ruki said...

Die Outfits und vor allem deine Nägel sehen sooo hammer aus *-*

Ich habe bald auch Pokemon X und den 3DS XL, allerdings den in der Pokemon X und Y Version in Blau, aber ich muss noch sooo lange warten (Nikolaus :(, bekomme sie nicht zu Weihnachten, sondern zu Nikolaus)
Aber Vorfreude ist bekanntlich die schöönste freude.
Welchen Starter hast du genommen? :3

Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka said...

I love your coords~! And btw , happy birthday ! ^^ [[though I know it`s quite late for that]]
Your nails are amazing ! :3

rika said...

N3DS!! <3
Mein Lieblingspiel ist Animal Crossing New Leaf! ^ V ^
Schöne Outfits!~

Lau said...

thank you for your comment^o^
nice to hear you like the outfits <3

Lau said...

thank you sooo much <3
I alway waer many different styles ^^ it's fun <3

Lau said...

dankeschöööön <3
du bekommst zum Nikolaus so ein teures Geschenk o.O.... zum Nikolaus bekomm ich höchstens was zum Naschen ^^°... aber cool für dich ^^
Ich hab den Wasserstarter Froxy genommen!
bye <3

Lau said...

@Soukkuma -Soubi Hayoka
thanxxx <3
and thank you for your birthday congratulations ^^

Lau said...

danke ^^
ich spiele wirlich außschließlich Pokémon!!! Alles andere interessiert mich nicht^^°....

Ruki said...

@Lau dafür bekomme ich nichts zu Weihnachten ^^