Mar 11, 2014

An Cafe concert Berlin

Hello gals ^o^

Last Sunday An Cafe had a life in Berlin on their European tour.
I'm not such a big fan of the band anymore but I used to be some years ago. 
But since some of my friends are really big fans it's obvious that I'm attending the concert, too^^
It was such a funny day and event <3

Actually a small gyaru meet up of my gyarusa was planned before the concert.
So I decided for a full d.i.a. coord.
top: d.i.a
skirt: d.i.a.
belt: d.i.a
cardigan: New Yorker
boots: offbrand

But well......  as always nearly everyone canceled the meet up -.- I was a little bit pissed ...
so only Tine and me remained ^^°
Thank you so much Tine that you came <3
We had a coffee (or a hot chocolate) at Dunkin Donuts and chatted a lot. About changing gyaru trends, d.i.a. fukubukuros, journeys, her coming wedding and our Manba-outfits for LBM-Sunday. It was really nice ^o^

Kiki, Senja, Goof, Hani and Mao had a good excuse for not coming to the "gyaru meet".
They had VIP tickets for the concert and had to prepare ^^

Goof and Senja ~nyappy
We met Goof, Senja and Kiki at KFC in the afternoon.
They even were on the An Cafe concert in Munich and had just arrived in Berlin in the morning.
Kiki~ nyappy
their hair stylings were amazing *o* (credits go to Senja ^.^)
So we hit the road to "Lido" the concert location.

In front of the club there were already waiting a lot of ... colourful people^^°

Yeah, and we finally met Hani and Mao there <3
An Cafe ~ we're coming ^^
derp~ the monkey...^^°
Soooo selfies de luxe:
duckface ~
duckface de luxe~
Kikis hairstyle again~ suits her soooo much <3
 That "Kamehameha" even influenced AnCafe (especially Super-Kanon) on the stage XD But that story belongs to the VIP-concertgoers who had a meet-and-greet with the band before.
So everybody except Tine and me ^^°
me also trying Kamehameha single-handed ^^°...
So we had a super funny time before the concert <3

Then it was about time to enter for the VIPs.
Tine: "Wait! Don't leave us alone..."
Well, Tine and me had to wait longer for entering.... during that time Tines girlfriend came by. It got terribly cold in the evening ,so the rest of the time we waited at a small bar next to the location.

inside the location
Tine, her girlfriend and me stayed in the back of the club. (The VIPs  were in the front row)
So we had a lot of space for furi, dancing and hadbanging... haha~ I had to hold my hairstyle ^^°

The show itself was really nice ^^ A little bit short... but they played a lot of well known songs. A lot of old songs. Not so many new songs from their new album... but well. I had a lot of fun <3

afterwards ~crush of peole at the cloakroom
Cheers Kiki ^^
Cheers Senja ^^
It was the last of the four concerts in Germany. So it was the end of the An Cafe tour for Kiki, Goof and Senja who attended all four German concerts.

We had so much fun and so I swore an oath by nyappy that if they come back for such a tour that I will also attend the complete tour ^^°~ nyappy

bye bye~ nyappy <3


~*NeNe*~ said...

Das Outfit steht dir total super, und deine Frisur ist mega schön :D
Wie hast du die so gut hinbekommen? *^*/
Ich hoffe ihr hattet Spaß auf dem Konzert :D
LG <3

Renoyuki said...

Hi! Erstmal vielen Dank, das du meinem Blog folgst, das freut mich so mega! Sonntag auf der LBM bin ich als Gyaru unterwegs. Wenn ich Mambas sehe, quatsch ich einfach an XD
Ok nun zum Eintrag: Ich liebe dein Outfit und deine Frisur! *-* Und freut mich das ihr spass hattet! Insgesamt ein toller Eintrag und hoffentlich ein treffen auf der Messe ^_^
LG, Renoyuki

Renoyuki said...

Ups ich meine Manbas..sorry ^^

YeonJae Park said...

Hätte ich Zeit gehabt wär ich auch auf AnCafe gegangen. :/ Aber naja.
Sie kommen ja eh wieder ;D

PS super Outfit + Haare :D würd ich nie so hoch bekommen x3

Ducky said...

Die Haare sind super (/*°*)/