Mar 23, 2014

Leipzig Book Fair 2014 - Saturday (STAR WARS Cosplay Padmé Amidala)

Hello everybody ^^

I attended the bookfair in Leipzig last weekend. 
I wore my newest costume on Saturday:

Padmé Amidala - Episode II - packing gown
All credits to this beautiful photo go to Nadja Burmeister (Eingefangen , Mizuno)

All the other photos are my poor digicam photos ^^°....
Well actually I did not wear the full cosplay when I left our hotel ^^°
half cosplay~ haha
The bookfair (and the MCC (Mega Comic Con)) was so much crowded... it gets worse every year....
waaa~ so many people o.O°....TOO many people -.-°
My friend Kiki was not wearing a cosplay but Michi supported me with her STAR WARS Cosplay.
Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore!
 Her character is "just" a STAR WARS - The Clone Wars character and so most of the people did not recognize her....
But she is perfect for Satine!
On our way through the masses of people we met Free as Obi-Wan Kenobi *o*
Just so perfect because Satine is Obi-Wans love of his youth <3
So we did some small shootings together or alone and met many people we know ^^
We met Kura (right)
with Hani, Kukki and Mao ^o^
Kuras sister Sophia and Nadja who made a super shooting with us <3
Here are some more of my own photos:
The packing gown of Padmé as a Senator in Episode II has always been my favourite dress in the whole STAR WARS universe. 
I like the silhouette, the way the skirt swings when she walks, the different materials and the colour palette and of course the hair style!
So it's my dream cosplay you could say!!!! I wanted to do this for so long Q___Q and now my dream came true <3 I'm really happy <3

haha~ look what Michi brought: my personal chocolates: "Amidala"
Who could guess that Republic Senators have their own merchandise nowadays ~ *lol*
~a quick selfie on Mandalore~ best friends duchess Satine and Padmé <3
again Michi in her Satine Kryze cosplay
In the evening the halls emptied.
But we did not manage to go to the comic hall the whole day because it was so damn crowded.

So I finish this post with the beauty of our visages when we ate something at Leipzig main station after we left the fair!
Kiki, Michi and me~ best friends united in beauty ~ *lol*
bye bye and be prepared for my manba outfit of LBM Sunday^^
chu~ <3


MITCH said...

It looks so much fun! You are very kawaii!


T☆O☆R☆A☆I said...

So ein tolles Cosplay *-* besonders die Wig ist der Hammer x3~
Ja die Buchmesse wird immer voller u_u wobei die neue Halle für die MCC zumindest bisschen mehr Platz bietet :)

Lau said...

thank you so much ^^

Lau said...

dankeschööööön <3
.... ja das sage ich jedes Jahr... aber es wird auch wirklich immer und immer voller!!!...
in die Halle bin ich ja Samstag ohne warten nicht mal reingelassen worden... das hab ich mir dann für Sonntag aufgehoben XD