Mar 21, 2014

Friday in Leipzig

Hello gals <3

Leipzig Book Fair is over and all my photos are edited!
So I start blogging about last Friday. I spend the day in Leipzig with friends but we did not attend the bookfair this day.
Just strolling around, shopping, eating and drinking ^^

Before midday Kiki and I went to Leipzig via train.
my outfit:
I tried to wear the style I once was aming for back when I started gyaru styling. Retro girly sweet gyaru. I was inspired by old Popteen issues from autumn 2011....^^°
We first stored our luggage in our hotel and then went back into the city.

at the hotel
Leipzig we're back XD
Last year it was super cold and snowy. This year it was sunny and warm <3
Kiki and I first decided to eat something! We went into a café and I had a super yummie waffle with yoghurt and ice cream and cherries *.*
just perfect <3

At Steinbruch I tried several pieces fleckt with like salt and pepper fabrik.
a long cardigan
a simple longarmshirt
another longarmshirt with zipper and black parts
a batwing top
I decided for the cardigan ^o^
Kikis and my chaos XD
Afterward we fetched Michi at the main station. She came by bus this time!
And we continued shopping.

Michi and Kiki in a changing room ^^°

shot away, shot away....earworm ... oh yeah we bought sunglasses <3
my new sunglasses
simple necklaces for 1,50€ each ^^
At H&M I found this cute onepiece in the same fabric *o*
Looks a little bit like this ma*rs dress  ^^

don't you think?
with sleeves and without bow but affordable XD
uff.... exhausted from shopping...
The last piece we bought was a bobble cap for 1€ at New Yorker.
Kiki bought it in black and I bought it in grey.
xoxo~kiss kiss XD
In the evening we met with Hani, Mao, Goof, Senja, Jaqueline and two friends of her at "Schnitzel Culture".

We all had a giant schnitzel and a lot of fun <3 (ok. Michi had a cauliflower schnitzel^^°)
A super nice day in order to get attuned for LBM ( Leipzig Book Fair) the next days!

bye bye and be prepared for my next tow entries about the bookfair and our cosplays <3
chu <3


Renoyuki said...

Dein Outfit ist voll schön und das Hotelbild, ich glaube, wir waren im selben Hotel. XD War es das B&B gewesen? ^^
Ich bin schon sehr auf die nächsten Eintrage gespannt. Schreibe meinen auch gerade. ^^ War so toll euch getroffen zu haben und freue mich auf weitere Treffen in der Zukunft. ^^

Lau said...

danke für den comment ^^
ja wie waren auch im B&B Hotel XD sind wir jedes Jahr XD
Guck mir deinen post auch noch an ^^