Sep 9, 2014

Holiday at Michis place in Düsseldorf~ Shopping, Outfits, cinema... part 1

Hello everybody ^^
Today I wanna start blogging about my short holiday at Michis place in Düsseldorf.

My father wanted to see his relatives in Wuppetal and stay there for some days. He went by car so I
took the oportunity and went with him!
....uuuh~ from Berlin it's quite a loooong journey by car -.-°

We started Friday early in the morning!
Very simple look!
We arrived around 3pm in Düsseldorf.
Michi already waited for me^^ So my father went on to Wuppertal and Michi and I went into the inner city of Düsseldorf.

We had a little supper (not satisfied with that super small serving of tempura....-.-°)
Michi was definitely more satisfied with her Gyoza menue!
So I bought 3 magazines in compensation for the small supper^^° (Popteen, Zipper and Ane Ageha ~ all September issues)
Enough of Friday!

Saturday was our shopping day... or better Michis shopping day XP
I just bought some bargains but Michi had to refresh her wardrobe so badly!

my outfit was a mature d.i.a. look:
With another jacket which I actually didn't need because it was warmer than expected!

We went to shops like Gina Tricot, H&M, Tally Weijl.... you know the usual suspects^^° but also found some others! And Michi bought a lot!!!

historic town of Düsseldorf
In the historic city of Düsseldorf we had lunch at a Italian reataurant!
seafood and salat <3
An espresso as dessert (for free o.O)
Realy satisfied with the meal we went on shopping!
yeah~ I bought this white miniskirt for 5€ at Gina Tricot! Really needed one!
And I also bought this cropped longarmshirt at Tally Weijl for 2,99€
I'm really thinking about buying pointed shoes as they are so classy and elegant... but these were very uncomfortable... are pointed shoes always unfomfortable???
At a shop called "Femme" I found this jacket! It was 30€... so out of my budgetary... (I was so broken because of the magazines ^^°) so I couldn't buy it Q______________Q
It would have been good for a elegant autumn styling...Q__Q
 Well Michis haul was definitely larger than mine ^^°
Michis haul: she's into elegant, mature styling with a business touch!
Back at home we prepared for a STAR WARS evening <3

We're both big STAR WARS geeks..eeh fans XD Can't wait to attend STAR WARS Celebration in Anaheim (California) next April with Michi <3 <3 <3

couch potato <3
Enough of Saturday!

Sunday we met with another friend for cinema in Essen.
Unfortuately I didn't take any photos that day.... except the wig that I styled in the morning for one of Michis cosplays XP
and my outfit of the day:
 I decided for a sweet gyaru coord!

Michi and me met in Essen with Ray (the other friend) and watched "Transformers 4"
Well the movie was nice but I'm not such a fan of Transformers or Autobots and cars in general XD
My personal highlight were the Dinosaur-like creatures ^^ as I like Dinosaurs a lot ^^°

Afterwards we had a reservation at a super nice Korean restaurant in Essen.

So and I will stop here for now an will continue what I did on Monday and Tuesday in the next post (part 2) and will show you my latest cosplay shooting on Wednesday in Düsseldorf (in part 3).

Bye bye~ chu <3


N☆WAKI said...

your mature d.i.a outfit is so pretty!! <3

Nagareboshi said...

Looks like you had a fun day. ^^ Your outfits are all lovely.

Jenny ♥ said...

you look so greaat *_*