Sep 11, 2014

Holiday at Michis place in Düsseldorf - shopping, outfits, manga café - part 2

Hello gals ^^
This is part two of my small holiday in Düsseldorf.

From Monday on Michi had to work until the afternoon. So she didn't have time for me the whole day. 
But I had planned some things on my own so it was really ok.

On Monday I just stayed at Michis home until she arrived from work. I used the time for blogging, relaxing and some cosplay preparations.
I styled another wig for Michi...^^°
When Michi came home we directly went into the city again. Michi wanted to have a look at the Dirndls at New Yorker.
Kiki and Michi want to wear Dirndls at the Golden Bomber concerts in October in Japan.... why not XD

My look: sporty cool

At New Yorker:
cute <3
I bought these earrings (1€)

shitty rain weather at the Kö(nigsallee)
Back at home Michi prepared risotto and omlette <3
She's the queen of improvised cooking XD (And is also good at cooking with recipe)
Do you wanna have a look at her blog? Sakuradori
She's sometims sharing her recipes!

In the evening (when we finally bought the missing add-on part for her Wii) we played some
STAR WARS - The Clone Wars - Republic heroes
We're both super fans of STAR WARS but the same time super noobs and loosers concerning gaming XD (except Pokémon)
But it was super funny~ together we defeated the Octuptarra???Droid XD

Enough of Monday

I spend the Tuesday all by myself. Michi had sports after working and arrived very late in the eveing.
My look: ...sorry for this pose again and again.... it's kind of a bad habbit recently -.-°

I decided for a black and white...Neo Gal?, Pastel Goth? Mode?...I don't know what look XD
With coat... it was so cold and rainy that day!!!

At first I went into the historic city again and had a look at the Rhine riverside.... weeeeh~ rain rain and cloudy sky -.-°
I went intoo many stores without buying anything. Just had a look at the new autumn fashion.
'Cause it already felt like Autumn...

I just planned to buy something cheap at Primark.
In Berlin I hardl ever visit Primark.... it's always so crowded...
But this day (Tuesday) the Primark in Düsseldorf was realtively empty!

I tried on many things:
I decided fot this cute pullover! Reduced to just 5€.

I also had a look into the Topshop section which is included into the Karstadt department store.
I bought these cute pink gignham check socks (1€)
In the late afternoon I visited the new Manga Café in Düsseldorf.
It's called "Manga Hof" and is located Ostraße 137.

The owner is Japanese and I think the customers are also ment to be the Japanese citizens of Düsseldorf because there are nearly only Mangas in Japanese language.
Nearly! They have also one bookshelf full of German ones. (Around 500).

You pay for the time you are staying there (1h 5€, 2h 9€...) and if you are student (like I am) you get 30% discount.
You get drinks (soft drinks, juces, water, tea, coffee) and sweets (lolipop,candies) for free.
So you can drink as much as you want and can read as much a you want.
You just pay for the time!

There are also more expansive seats than I took. You pay more for a private cabine or room.
for smokers
I decided to read Nana. I always wanted to read it. Well I just stayed around 2 hours so I just managed to read 2 mangas during that time....

But it was a nice experience there!^^
back at home in the evening ^^
bye bye~ chu <3 
and stay tuned for part 3 ^^

Btw. This weekend (Friday-Sunday) I will attend the connichi ^^


Eva C. said...

Love your second outfit! and Nana is such a cool manga! To bad it never finnished... :(

N☆WAKI said...

Your black x white outfit is really pretty <3
And I'm sooo jealous! I visited Düsseldorf a lot of times, but the manga cafe was yet to open in this time so I never had to chance to visit it!
I hope I can get there, too some day >o<

Nagareboshi said...

Waa~~~ Ein Manga Café hätte ich hier auch gerne...
Tolle Outfits, wie immer. ^^

Anonymous said...

That pastel goth outfit looks really great! <3

Lau said...

@Eva C.
Thank you ^^
never finished? really? oh.... I didn't know...
bye bye <3

Lau said...

I'm sure you will get the chance to visit it, too!
thank you for your comment <3
bye <3

Lau said...

vllt. kommt das ja noch ^^ Katzen-Cafés gibt es ja plötzlich auch überall ^^°
dankeschön <3

Lau said...

thank you <3 <3 <3