Sep 30, 2014

UNIQUE's gyaru meet-up

Hello everyone ^^

It's been a while since I blogged but a friend came to visit me during the last days and we had so much to do XD
So now I try to catch up with all the things I wanna show you!

Today's topic:
Last meet-up of my gyarusa <3 (30.8.)

My styling:
Fashion point: white
top, hat - Tally Weijl
skirt - Gina Tricot
shoes, sunglasses - H&M
belt - d.i.a.
with trench coat because it was not very warm that day
At first we did purikura ^o^
This time it was just 6 of us ... but better a small meet-up than no meet-up ^o^
Hani and me decorating ^^
Afterwards we searched for a nice restaurant.
We decided for the small Japanese restaurant "Udagawa"in Kantstra├če.
It's really nice! And inexpensive!
...but the light is not made for taking photos XP
....A-chan..? XD
Thanan and me <3 <3 <3 love this photo ^^
Edamame and me XP

Afterwards we had a reservation at a cocktail bar. It was located I don't know where.... somewhere far away^^° but the location was great!
on the way via bus ^^
 Like a beach bar, everywhere (inside and outside) was sand on the ground, palms, cozy seating accomodations like couches, beach chairs....
So I really liked the location.
We had to sit inside because it started to rain a little bit ....^^° wheather is never as you expect it to be...
But we had a nice time nevertheless ^^
We took some photos inbetween:
yoooo~ XD  (GooF directly came from work so she didn't have time to style herself up)
selfie time ^^°
selfie of a selfie ^^°
The meet-up ended quite early -.-° but most of us had to work early the next day...
but I'm always happy to see them ^^
So a short meet-up is better than no meet-up XD
Hani and me in the train back home <3
Well that's it for today <3
bye bye~ chu <3


cookiescorpse said...

waaah *-* all of you look so cool! I love your outfit!

Serina said...

The Picture with Edamame is cute! <3
I like the small restaurant, its a very nice place :D and the udon is good (&& so much!)
The beach bar looks cool too! Sorry to keep you away from blogging but I hope you enjoyed the last weekend as much as I did ^o^

Jenny ♥ said...

your look is gorgeous!

Lau said...

yes, we're so cool XP haha~ thank you a lot <3

Lau said...

yes, I like this photo, too ^^°
and yes, I like this restaurant, too !!!
noooo you didn't take me away from blogging XD I'm just so lazy XD (just needed an excuse XP)
yes, I liked it a lot <3 <3 <3

Lau said...

awwww~ thank you ^^°
bye bye <3