Sep 15, 2014

Holiday at Michis place in Düsseldorf - Cosplay shooting - part 3

Hello everybody ^^
Icontinue with my summary of my time in Düsseldorf:

At Wednesday I met with Sato <3
She had a day off and so we planned a little Cosplay shooting ^^

She is not a prefessional photographer but has a nice reflex camera and likes to practise with it!
We were so lucky! The weather was just perfect!!!
eeeeeeh????~ what cosplay is it? o.O

It's James/Kojirou (Pokémon) in his Ganguro/Kogal disguise from episode 15 (first season) "Battle Aboard the St. Anne"
 Well, it's super oldschool Pokémon in addition with super oldschool gyaru <3
When I remembered Team Rocket doing this disguise I definitely wanted to cosplay it!!!
So I could try a super oldschool ganguro make-up and do a Pokémon-Cosplay both at one go!!! 
I didn't have a Jessie... and that's the reason I didn't want to wear it at a convention... without Jessie nobody would have recognised me...
James witout Jessie is just boring!
Ganguro (or better gonguro..because the full body is tanned) make up looks different to Manba! It's from the end of the 90's and less flashy. Contacts and lashes were both not that common but possible.
I hope I did it not too contemporary... I just used simple upper lashes and my circle lenses because it's a cosplay!

Sato and me
Here are some of the photos:
Here is the complete gallery: Ganguro James ~ cooooooool
And here is my cosplay on animexx 
Big thanks to you Sato <3 it was soo much fun ^o^
 After we finished the shooting I changed my style into this:
just a sweet casual coord
 I redid my make-up on the street and changed the clothes in Tally Weijl changing room XD ~haha
Sato and I were strolling through the city and in the afternoon we met with Michi at TenTen Coffee!
Michi, Sato and me <3 <3 <3
Well actually that's it with my short holiday in Düsseldorf...
The next morning (Thursday) my father picked me up by car and we went back to Berlin^^°

my outfit on the way back
Outfit of the next day at home and for a walk with the dog...
It was just a casual outfit but I wore the new striped longarmshirt for the first time^^
bye bye ~ chu <3


cookiescorpse said...

OH MY GAAAAD *___* YAY *dies* I love your James cosplayyyyy! It's omg perfect jaja you look so cute with everything you wear <3

N☆WAKI said...

Woooow I really don't remember the scene with team rocket in kogal! O__O I'm sure I watched every episode of pokemon, but well I was a kid back then so maybe that's why I don't remember.
James is awesome haha. I looove him, he's doing a lot of girls' fashion "cosplay" in pokemon. I remember a scene where he's wearing a bikini.
Anyway, your outfit after the photoshoot is totaly cute!

Anonymous said...

Is the pokeball just edited into the picture..........?

Lau said...

yeah~ I'm soooo happy you like it XXDDD
thank you for your comment <3 <3 <3

Lau said...

yeah~ For me it took a while to realise that this is kogyaru/Kogal XD when I was a kid I'didn't know anything about the styles XP
I just f**king looooove James when he is "crossdressing" <3 <3 <3
The complete episode with the bikini and very big boobs of James was censored and completely left out in the US and the German version! (Beauty and the beach) Strange you can remember it o.O
bye bye <3 <3 <3

Lau said...

haha~ yes it's edited into the photo XP I forgot my pokeball at home... and I'm not very good with editing stuff ...^^