Nov 22, 2014

Mojito Meet up Cottbus

Hello Gals <3

Today I will blog about the last meet up of my gyarusa "Mojito".
I've also blogged about it in our gyaru circle blog but I guess not many of you are following this blog.

By the way: Our small gyaru circle "Mojito" has now completely separated from the bigger circle UNIQUE (former GG-Glitter). 
Most of the other members were not content with our small sub-circle. So we left the bigger circle and aren't members of UNIQUE (former GG-Glitter) anymore!

This was my outfit:
cap - d.i.a.
leopard top (underneath) - Garula
jacket - ebay China
skirt - d.i.a.
belt - d.i.a.
overknee gaiters - selfmade
I created a very dolly like make up

I liked that look a lot although it was kind of oldschool dolly and flashy!

GooF, Hani, Kiki, Mao and I met in Berlin to take a train to Cottbus where Senja is living.
The train ride was kind of troublesome...rail replacement busses and detours included -.-°

waiting for the rail replacement busses...
what a snapshot XD Hani made tis funny meme out of it XD
 Because of my birthday some days before I got some presents <3
Look at this cool Yoda plush key chain from Hani and Mao *o*
 When we arrived in Cottbus around midday we met Senja and wanted to go for a meal.
We had to take the Italian restaurant because all the others we liked were full up...
But well this one was nice, too.
I had a nice mushroom risotto <3
In the restaurant we fooled around with Senjas photo app XD
haha~ aren't these photos just shocking? XXDDD
But nice photos were also possible with this app (candy camera?)
I like "line camera" still the most XD gross...olives....
all together <3
Afterwards we searched for a photo location for our outfit shots.
on the way through Cottbus...
We stopped at Senjas home inbetween. She had to bring something away. So we waited outside.
Such a nice warm Autumn day <3
me waiting on the swing
you can fold down my overknee gaiters to show the leopard printed lining ^^
We chose this brigde as location for some photos!
beautiful GooF <3
Kiki helping Senja with her Ma*re skirt XD
me taking photos ^^°
So finally here are our street snaps <3
 Do you like them?

Afterwards we wanted to sit down in a cozy café and relax.
... but not one single café had free seats -.-°...

Kiki, Hani and Mao doing THE Gyaru pose XD
Senja and Goof meanwhile were a little sopping and found a new skull handbag for GooF.
But the paper bag matched Senjas style much more XD
We went to and American style restaurant instead of a café.
my banana milkshake <3
again THE pose XD a little bit more serious...
and again...^^°
Kiki and Senja
Senja and GooF
When it got dark outside we went into the small shopping center in Cottbus. The girls were searching for books and diaries. No real shopping today...
Actually we wanted to take some group photos... but look at the girls XD how motivated *lol*
But it got better XD !!!
Senja, Kiki and GooF now have name chains ^o^ hmmm should I also get one?
my camers sucks in lighted interiors.... -.-°
Looooove you gals <3 <3 <3

In the end of the day we had to say bye bye to Senja and set off to Berlin.
Hani and Mao in the train back
here you can see GooFs new sparkling skull bag <3
bye bye~ chu <3


Kayima said...

Awwww you and your friends look so pretty!!! I like your clothes and gyaru style <3 <3


Lau said...

awww~ thank you so much ^o^