Nov 17, 2014

AniMaCo 2014~ Pokémon Cosplay

Hello everybody^^

Today I want to share some photos of the anime/manga convention Animaco in Berlin with you.

I cospayed Satoshi (Ash Ketshum) from the current Poémon X & Y anime series!
I cosplayed together with Kura as Serena.

I once started my cosplay "career" with Pokémon cosplays and I often return to Pokémon. I still love it and will probably always love it!

But well... the Animaco.... I just wanted to go there on Saturday. When I arrived there no tickets were available anymore...
Only the guys with "connections" had the chance to enter... -.-° Some of my friends even returned back home but Kura and two of her friends (Nici and Milu) and I decided to stay there and take cosplay photos outside.

Milu and Nici... well sorry girls but that happenes when you abuse my camera XD
Here are some photos. But Milu took better photos with her reflex camera here

That's the reason why Pikachu hates to be inside a Pokéball .....^^° I'm sure...XP
Unfortunatley it was very cold... (strangely it's always cold when we're colplaying -.-°)... the Monday after was kind of mild again...
Inbetween we warmed up at McCafé.

But we still had a funny day ^^
Milu (left) taking photos^^
When Kura, Nici and Milu decided to leave I wanted to wait for Hani and Kiki who would appear in the evening.
There were (cheaper) evening tickets available! And they were not sold out!!!

So Kiki, Hani and I entered the convention around 7pm. We wanted to see the life concert of the J-Rock band "Universe".
I didn't know the band before but they made one of the "Bleach" openings or endings.
And they played good rock music and were nice to look at XD
Too many slow songs for my taste... I liked the more enrgetic songs more^^

Kiki and Kukki were standing in the first row...
But I felt a little bit strange in my cosplay on a concert XD But well it was a anime/manga convention and many people were wearing a cosplay in the audience^^°

Hani, Mao and Kiki after the concert
Kiki and the bassist^^
So all in all the convention went not as planned but was still very eventful ^o^
bye bye~ chu <3


Lunie Chan said...

Hooo you're very cute :333

Lau said...

@Lunie Chan
as a boy? haha~ thanxxx >///<
bye <3

mistymysterious said...

Wäre ich da gewesen, hätte ich dich echt nicht erkannt. °__°