Nov 19, 2014

Purikura with Sato/ outfits/ shopping

Hello gals <3
This is a mixed post.

Monday after the manga/anime convention Animaco I met with my friend Sato (who is from the Ruhr area) She came to Berlin for the convention and she didn't get a ticket on Saturday WTF...( but she did get one on Sunday)

my outfit
scarf - vintage
sweater - C&A
skirt - Honeys
beret - H&M
earrings - selfmade
I was using one of my new pairs of lashes (the mixed box from ebay China)
 I like these lashes because they are natural yet visible!
We met in the afternoon (after university) and went to J-store for purikura.
Sato in front of the puri mashine^^
We were both a little bit transparent XD I didn't think my sweater would count as "green" XP

The next day was my birthday. I just celebrated with my family during the week.
best present: huge STAR WARS costumes book !!! <3 (and I got myself the new Ane Ageha)
Some time later I went a little bit shopping.
My outfit:
shirt - Maison Gilfy
top - Tally Weijl
skirt - Gina Tricot
It was the first time using brown upper and lower lashes!

They are not that visible... but I will try out brown lashes with a little bit more extreme make up next time... let's see....
 But generelly I liked it!

I bought these two warm cardigans!

And I tried some patterned mini skirts:
unfortunately this one was too tight -.-°
I bought these two! (all New Yorker)

That's all ^^
bye bye~ chu <3


Renoyuki said...

Die Puris sind echt schön und das mit dem etwas transparenten Effekt kenne ich. ^^
Und ich wünsche dir alles liebe und gute nachträglich zum Geburtstag! <3
Lg, Renoyuki ^_^

N☆WAKI said...

your first outfit is soooooo cute >o< Omg I think I've fallen in love

Abbie said...

Your earrings are so cute! How did you make them?

Lau said...

jaaaaa grü halt....-.-°mein Pulli ist aber eigentlicheer so petrol.. also ziemlich blaulastig dachte ich... auf foos wirk er anders und auf puris dann halt doch a little bit green screen XP

Lau said...

haha~ thank you so much XD

Lau said...

thank you very much <3
I bought two fake fur pompoms online (ebay) that are actually ment to be bobbles for bobble hats XD I sewed them on old earring parts and added some pearls to upgrade the look ^^
bye <3

mistymysterious said...

Alles Gute nachträglich, auch wenn es jetzt schon eine ganze Weile her ist. ^^

Das Outfit ist echt süß. <3
Passt sehr gut zur kühlen Jahreszeit - mit der grünen Wand hatte ich allerdings auch schon meine Freunde bzw. eine Freundin. Da wurde ihre Hose mal ganz schnell Blau. Dschini lässt grüßen.