May 8, 2012

Last Saturday

Hello gals ^o^

Last Saturday I was in Potsdam with my family to celebrate Jugendweihe (youth dedication ceremony ???) of the daughter of the boyfriend of my sister.
It was kind of boring... I didn't know half of the guests... and you know... family celebrations are not that interesting for you, my followers ^^°

So just first my outfit:

It was raining the whole day Q_____Q What a shit weather....

...waiting in the car
amazing building where the ceremony took place (Movie museum Potsdam)
Michelle ~girl of the day~ (and my little niece Mareike ~ so cute ^o^)
Afterwards we went to a restaurant and because of the bad weather we had to sit inside -.-°

me and my niece Nadine, wow~ she has such dark hair right now o.O
look at these shoes @_@ amazing, huh? but too large for my feet (actually Nadines shoes)
our delicious dessert ^o^
Hope I didn't bore you too much ^^°
bye bye~ see you soon ^o^
~ chu <3


みえーちゃん said...

i really like your hairstyle!
suits you very much! ;-)
and nice make up! well done :)

looks like you had fun!!(^^)

Lau said...

actually it was kind of boring ^^°~haha
but thank you soooooooo much for your compliments >///<

Jessa Belle said...

Your outfit was so cute and you have the most amazing features.

Love & Lollies... Jessa

Caked Vintage Blog

Lau said...

@Jessa Belle: thank you >///< you are so kind <3