May 25, 2012

simply outfits

Hello gals ^o^
This will be just a simple post about some outfits I had the last days/weeks.

These are outfits for university. 
I just take photos when I think they are worth taking because I like them a lot!

This is what I wore last friday on the textile market.

But I didn't buy fabric. Just two bolero jackets (one for Kiki , one for me), pearl necklaces for trimming our Yukatas, shoes for Kikis cosplay.

This is the last cosplay I sewed. For Kiki, Sato and me. School uniforms of characters of "Lovely Complex". We gonna wear this on DoKoMi Sunday.

More outfits...

Details of another outfit...

Tomorrow I (and Kiki too of cause ^^) will go via train to the Ruhr area to Essen and then to Gladbeck where our friend Michi lives.
I will stay there for one week because of the animé convention DoKoMi and the Japan-Day one week later which both take place in Düsseldorf which is not far away from Michi's home.

But maybe tomorrow I find the time again to blog before traveling to report about last weekend...^^ I hope so.

See ya soon <3
bye bye and chu~

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