May 6, 2012

Outfit/ fabric/ hat/ onigiri

Hello gals <3
How are you? I feel a bit disappointed about the weather... the last two days it got cold and rainy again...

But I was lucky when I went to the turkish market on Friday to buy fabric: it was nice weather (^o^)
(I usually have bad weather when going there...^^°)

I  liked my outfit a lot ^.^ so colouful !

I used turqoise eyeshadow and maskara
I like such bold colour very much but just when they match your outfit
I own these trousers for such a long time... I bought them years ago at Orsay... and now I like to wear them again ^o^
my hair with natural waves (looks kind of messy sometimes) but that day it was okay ^.^
I bought the fabric and trimmings I need for the next cosplays I have to sew...

And I bought a straw hat on the market. It's a boater (in german "Kreissäge")

Boaters were usually man's summer hats worn in the late 19th century and early 20th century. 
I already had  a similar hat in black made of felt. I noticed that many gals wear it as a straw hat with romantic styling. *o* So I defenitely wanted to have one.

I got this one for just 10€.... good price ^o^

After shopping on the market I went to RICE UP ^o^
Have you ever heard of?
It's the only place to get onigiri in Berlin!!!!

You can find it underground station Schönleinstraße in Berlin which is just one station away from the turkish market ^^°
I just found out about Rice Up last week so it was the first time buying onigiri since Japan Q_____Q

I love onigiri sooo much but they just have 4 different tuna mayo Q________Q but it was delicious nevertheless (^v^)v
I defenitely can recommend Rice Up !!!

So, hopefully I didn't bore you ^^°
So long and thank you for reading <3 <3 <3
bye bye ~chu <3


Mimichan said...

Eeendlich komm ich mal dazu dir ein kommi zu schreiben <3
Also ich seh dein Blog immer , egal wo xD"
Uhhh der Print ist sooo mega toll <3
Freu mich schon richtig auf das Cos :3

Lau said...

Dankeschön Mimi <3 <3 <3
vielleicht ist das ja nur bei Kiki und mir, dass wir unsere blogs gegenseitig immer nicht sehen können^^°
ich leg mich ins Zeug mit deinem cos!

Noressa Henness said...

You are so cute, this "gal" style suits.

Lau said...

thanxx @Noressa Hennes <3

Happy Berry said...

Es gibt Onigiri in Berlin ;_____________; Was für eine tolle Nachricht, die hat mir doch glatt den Tag gerettet ♥