May 3, 2012

Ageha scans

Now I wanna show you some nice pages of the Ageha April 2012 issue.

But before this I have a question: Do my posts appear on your blogger dashboard or not? Sometimes I have the sense that there is something wrong with blogger....
Do my posts appear on your dashboard?
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the cover
beautiful coords, I like the Ma*rs outfit Himena is wearing (bottom) simple but cute <3
Skinny Lip reminds me very much of d.i.a.! Even the belts are alike ^^°
wow~ strong makup of Sakurina and amazing nails *o* (I fear I couldn't do anything with them -.-°)
heavy rock style and very glamorous with red lips
cats topic: neko eyes
and neko styles
amazing *o*
I like Satomins look very much! A little retro, girly and somehow casual!
lovely clolourful collage
great haistyle of Himena (top)
springlike coords
terrific hime and lolita styles <3
heavy style changes ^v^
That's it ^o^
bye bye my lovely followes <3 (thank you for 29 followers right now ^o^)
~ chu <3


Jallou said...

Ich seh deine Einträge bei mir >3

Lau said...

o.k. das ist schonmal gut ^^
dankööö <3