Oct 7, 2012

Weekend with Life-Karaoke

Hello gals ^o^

The weekend before last, I met Kiki... ~haha.. like tradition we went out for eating and then went shopping ^^°... and in the evening we even went out for Life-Karaoke ^o^

my outfit: [top - Garula; pants, cardy and shoes - Tally Weijl; belt - d.i.a.; jacket and necklace - H&M]

First we went to Neo Tokyo. They got new magazines... but only the issues Kiki and I already bought when we were in Japan...!
So we went to "Good morning Vietnam" for a meal.

Afterward we went shopping.... I just bought a beret and a leopard patterned leggins. But I altered and modified them! I'll show you later !

as always... in the H&M changing room ^o^
Our friend Fluff asked if we wold like to join for Life-Karaoke later! We were not sure, but finally we thought it might be fun ^o^ so we went to "Pfefferberg" for Life-Karaoke^^

This time it was "Rockstars" theme. And nearly impossible to find a song we could sing appart from heavy metall like roaring songs ...~haha

But Kiki and Fluff managed to sing "Smells like teen spirit" by Nirvana!
This song is way too low-pitched to sing^^° but they tried their best!

well done girls ^o^
silly party pics are silly ^^°
Kiki even sang to times on stage! The second time Kiki and I sang the song..... which we sing ALWAYS even in Japan at Karaoke~ haha
"Zombie" by The Cranberries!

That's it ^o^
I try to blog tomorrow about K-Pop party on Friday! I give my best!
bye bye ~ chu <3

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