Oct 26, 2012

What's inside my bag?

Hello ^o^

Today I want to show you my favourite bag and what is inside.
Some members of our gyarusa GG-Glitter did such a post, too. It's for our circle blog http://gg-glitter-gyarusa.blogspot.de/
Please take a look if you want ^.^
But I thought I could also post it here!

What do I carry along in my favourite bag?

I bought this bag at the Liz Lisa store in the shopping mall "Hep 5" in Osaka last August! Unfortunately it's quite small. No A4 folder would fit in... But so it's a cute bag for freetime activities!
You can use it as a shoulder bag or you change the straps for using it as a backpack! That's what I love to do <3

Here you can see the most important goods I carry with me in this bag right now. That's the maximum number of goods to put in! It's filled to the brim!!! ~haha ^^°

I always carry some selected makeup articles with me. I have to be prepared if my lashes become loose or my makeup fades away! Lipstick and rouge depends on my daily makeup. When I'm wearing circle lenses I need the case if I wanna take them out!
The makeup pouch is from GarulaXEgg! So it was a present in an Egg isuue!

I own the wallet for already so many years. I bought it at "Collosseum". But I still like it because of the leopard print! I'm addicted to leopard pattern *o*.
I always habe a numer of point cards to collect stamps at some shops! Different bubble tea stores, crèpe restaurant, onigiri shop, Neo Tokyo and some from Japan ^^°...which I can't use anymore... -.-°
Until I did not manage to get a good purikura book I carry my puris in my wallet. But I need a puri book!!! It's planned!

Some other items that might be interesting to see closer are my keychain and my phone charm.
As my mobile phone itself is old and ugly I need some big and colourful charms on it. Strawberry form OCS in Düsseldorf, green plushie from Japan and tabunne/Audino/Ohrdoch from Pokémon Center Tokyo.
I won the Golden Bomber keychain in a Gachapon machine in Harajuku. Luckyyyyy! I got Kiryuuin Shou <3

bye bye gals and boys ^o^
~chu <3


xiaoting lu said...

that´s such a cute bag <3

Lau said...

@ xiaotinf lu
thank you <3 your right! I love it, too ^o^

Eunji♥ said...

I love that bag^^ So cute;) Oh~ that's strawberry phone charm is so cute too!! ^3^

Suzu Blog said...

gefällt mir *_* sollte ich auch mal machen ♥

Lau said...

@ Eunji
thank youuuu <3 yeah~ I love strawberries XD

Lau said...

@Suzu Blog
dankööö XD ja, ich wollte sowas auch schon immer mal machen XD ~haha


wie cool =)

Victoria said...

Hy :]
Hab dich btw getaggt mit einem Blogger Award.
Wenn du magst, schau da mal rein ^__^

liebe Grüße!