Oct 2, 2012

Week with Michi

Second last week Michi was in Berlin due to her master's degree oral exam.
She spend the time at Kikis home but as I still had semester break I met her several times ^o^ (now semester break is over... today I'll have class again)

So on Monday I met her to go for a meal and to check out some Japan/Asian related stores in Berlin.

my outfit: [waistcoat - H&M; blouse, tights - offbrand, shorts - Kinji used clothing; belt - Ma*rs; necklace - Pinklatte, shoes - Demonia] 

We went to Neo Tokyo because Michi has never been there. Then we went to the restaurant "Good morning Vietnam".

Afterwards we were walking through the "Hackesche Höfe" which is a really nice place consisting of several back-yards where lovely cafés are located next to some art galleries and a small cinema and of course super nice and unique shops. If you are searching for the typical Berlin style and atmosphere.... there you'll probably find it.

We found a small shop that sells traditional Japanese and Chinese items like household goods, souverniers and also garments.

they exactly sell the same Yukata which Michi bought in Kyoto o.O very strange...^^°

Afterwards we went to a big Asia Market called "Asia Mekong" at Hackescher Markt. Michi who is addicted to Asian (especially Japanese) cooking, was really surprised about the huge offer. This shop even sells many Japanese products whereas many Asia Markets only sell Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai....food!
You even get there frozen (fully finished) Takoyaki, frozen Yakitory, all sorts of Japanese mayonaise and sauces and so on that Michi only gets in Düsseldorf otherwise!

On Tuesday my family celebrated the birthday of my little niece Mareike. Now she's got 5 years old ^^. Afterwards I went to my Japanese class.

my outfit: [dress - H&M; longarmshirt - Tally Weijl; belt - Ma*rs; shoes - ABAB]

On Wednesday I met Michi at the Japanese crèpe restaurant "Crèpestation" in Berlin Prenzlauerberg.
Michi had a Strawberry Cheesecake crèpe and a Matcha Latte
I had Banana Custard crèpe and a Raspberry Latte
suuuper delicious *o* We were talking about Japan and Japanese words and anything and everything. Super relaxing!

This was my outfit: [ top and necklace - H&M; leggins and turtleneck - offbrand, belt - d.i.a.; shoes - Tally Weijl]

On Friday I picked Michi up to show her my Berlin home district Köpenick and Friedrichshagen.

my outfit: [sweater - H&M; skirt - Kinji used clothing; necklace - 6%Dokidoki; shoes - Spinns]

We were strolling through the historic town of Köpenick and through my childhood places in Friedrichshagen. We were at the Müggelsee (a big lake next to my home).... and so on ^^°
And inbetween we had some breaks at nice cafés and restaurants ^o^

in Köpenick next to the city hall where the story "Der Hauptmann von Köpenick" takes place
We were sitting in a garden swing outside and were eating rice pudding at the super lovely café "Mahlzeit" next to my home in Friedrichshagen.
It was very nice to see my friend Michi so often this week. Apart from our Japan journeys I can't see her so often because she's from the Ruhr area.
By the way: she passed her Master's oral exam with a very good mark ^o^ 
Congratulations Michi!

bye bye ~chu <3


Jenny ♥ said...

omg I love all off your outfits and I want japanese mayonaise too~~ ;______;

Lau said...

@ Jenny
Thanxx a lot ^o^
is japanese mayonaise really so special o.O I mean, it's good...but everyone goes crazy about ^^°...

Katharina Wenzig said...

Hey, ich fand auch, dass wir eine tolle Woche hatten X3
Es war super, dass wir uns so oft getroffen haben! Es kam mir wirklich so vor, als wohnte ich in Berlin und wir haben uns halt in unseren Ferien getroffen XD