Mar 2, 2013

small update

Hello everybody ^^

First of all, thank you for some new followers ^o^ I hope you don't get too bored~ haha I will do my best to somehow entertain or amuse you a little XP

Today it's just a littel update of last weekend.
Right now I have a lot to do with finishing my Cosplays for bookfair Leipzig. So I failed writing posts. It's always too late when I put away my sewing mashine^^°

My new lower lashes arrived.
40 pairs in 4 different styles for around 5€. Very cheap offer of a Chinese/Taiwanese??? ebay seller.

I didn't try them out until now. But I will show you when I did so ^^

last weekend's simple outfit
I just met Kiki and we did nothing special. Strolling around and chilling at Kikis home. So I did a really simple makup.

without lenses and just with Diamond lash "secret eye" (upper) and Diamond lash "honey eye" (lower)
as I said... very simple ^^°
but I liked the soft curls of my hair (at that time I was still not wearing my outfit^^°)
my super delicious Marzipan Dream Frappiato at Coffee Fellows ^^. I can recommend it if you are marzipan-lovers as I am <3
look at the weather last weekend -.-° snoooooow
and compare it to todays weather ^^

just took this photo some minutes ago from my window ^o^ it's sunny <3
I really hope that last weekend was this winter's last snow!!!! I pray for it!!! Please weather god~ haha ^^°

Oh, here is another very simple outfit...

Today allow myself a little freetime from sewing~ haha
I did some crafts with beads, will do a walk in the woods and prepare some posts ^^
bye bye~
chu <3

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