Feb 15, 2013

Weekend with lots of Japanese food

Hello everybody ^o^
this is just the third post in February...  shame on me !!!

But finally, finally my exams are over and I have semesterbreak *yeaaaaaah*~

Last weekend my friend Michi came to Berlin to visit Kiki and so I could meet her, too ^o^
We met on Friday.

I could not decide between my black hat and a the white beanie... but it started to snow again... so I thought the hat might look a bit weird...

and so I chose the beanie...
seems like I have to wait for spring to wear my hats again... -.-°
full outfit
eye makeup
First we were strolling across the Alexanderplatz and crossed th place where the new store of PRIMARK will open... but when???? The advertisement is there already for a long time... Maybe it will open this spring.... I'm looking forward to it because the first Primark store in Berlin is so far away... I don't go there very often...

towards the fountain (second photo made standing with back to the place...)
Whatever... Michi and I wanted to visit the japanese Udon restaurant Susuru... but it was closed... we had to wait until 6pm. So we went to a café meanwhile.

We talked so much and even had some new holidayplans ^o^.... let's see weather I can manage London???? Depends on my timetable at university...

Exactly at 6 pm we went to the restaurant SUSURU! It's located Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 17 which is close by Alexanderplatz or the Neo Tokyo or the japanese restaurant Makoto.
It offers a wide range of different Udon soups and some typical starters like Edamame oder Gyosa.
As I'm soooo in love with Udon I had to go there <3 <3 <3 Udon is my absolutely favourite Japanese food.

we started with Edamame <3
the interior of the restaurant (we were the first customers, that's why it's still so empty)
Michis Ginger Tea and my Matcha Latte which is called Matcha Macciato there (lots of green stuff~haha)
my so damn delicious Udon with duck breast <3 Udon is the best!!!!

We had a really nice evening ^o^
In the end I went very quickly to New Yorker and got that cute hairslide for 50cent ~^^

We met again the next day for shopping but this time together with Kiki <3

my look

...still snowy and cold outside -.-°... can somebody stop this???
outer coordinate...
Sadly I didn't take photos that day..... we were shopping in the Alexa but actually nobody bought something... 
Afterwards we went to the Japanese restaurant Makoto ... the only photos I made are my food ^^°...

This time I tried a Donburi. It's Katsudon! Pork on rice! Really nice <3
and Dorayaki (red bean pankakes) for dessert
Seems like I did nothing than just spend my money on japanese food this weekend~ haha
I ate like a horse~ ..... a little bit^^° 
And surprisingly Kiki Michi and me made some new cosplay plans <3

when I came back home my curls where still visible ^o^ lucky!

Last week my new bag arrived. I needed a big simple black one! And furthermore I can use it for Cosplay ^^

The ebay seller added a wide belt in the package o.O wow~ I was really surprised ^o^

really cool ^o^
Right now I started watching "Neon Genesis Evangelion" (of course in Japanese with engl. subs)
It's such a classic and still so popular in Japan.
I guess the story is a little bit too serious, mature and cruel for me... but let's see ^^
I love the opening theme <3

bye bye and
hats off for all of you who read the post 'till the end ~ haha


Katharina Wenzig said...

Ja, das Wochenende war toll X3
Aber ich hab wohl was im Alexa gekauft! (zwei Paar Handschuhe für insgesamt 1,- € XD)

Jetzt freue ich mich auf die LBM^o^

Rukipe said...

Du siehst auf jedem deiner Fotos immer so verdammt hübsch aus! :O
und deine Outfits sind so wahnsinnig toll..Ich würde die manche direkt vom Körper abkaufen xD"
und deine Haare sehen auch immer so perfekt aus...*-*

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
thank you so much <3 ouuups~ sorry for making you hungry ^^°...

Lau said...

@Katharina Wenzig
stiiiiiiimt XD die Handschuhe ^^°... Kikis Cardigan hat sie ja erst später gekauft, deshalb hab ich den auch vergessen zu erwähnen XD
yeah~ LMB <3

Lau said...

~wuaaaa du überschüttest mich ja mit Komplimenten >///<... so toll bin ich nu auch nich XXDDD
aber danke danke <3 du bist lieb <3
thankxx for your comment <3 <3 ^o^