Apr 22, 2013

Cherry blossom festival without cherry blossoms

Hello gals ^^
Last Sunday Kiki and me went to the Cherry Blossom Festival located in "Gärten der Welt" (gardens of the world) in Berlin Marzahn.

It's a big landscape garden with different themed gardens included (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Balinese, oriental...) and when the flowers are blooming it's really beautiful. But there were no flowers ... -.-°

my outfit
I was wearing my white knit poncho for the first time.
It was kind of warm and sunny that day so I could go without jacket ^o^
I was surprised that Kiki was already so fit o.O I mean she just arrived in Berlin the day before from her Japan journey...

waiting at the bus stop
pots of people waiting in line to enter...
So the garden was full of people. Full of cosplayers as well~ haha
So Kiki and me didn't enter the special themed gardens but just the general garden space where the food and merchandise stalls and the stage were located.

lots of cosplayers
the highlight was definitely a Psy cosplayer who performed Gangnam Style with some other cosplayers on the stage~ haha funny^^°
Because of the long winter the time for blossom and cherry blossoms particularly has not started until now -.-°
No Sakura..... no Hanami Q____Q But Kiki and me sat down and ate on a blanket nevertheless~ haha

our "bento".... I definitely need a real bento box~ haha 
We were glad that we had our own food with us because the food that they were selling there was only Korean.... and we both don't like Korean food!

We met some friends. ^o^ Kiki me and Batsi^^
The only flowers that were already blooming were typical early flowering plants like these crocuses.
In the end of the day we went to the Japanese Udon restaurant "Susuru".
I had a Macha Machiato...
... and Udon with mushrooms, spinach, spring onions and other stuff ^o^
The dish was served super quick and was suuuuuper delicious. I really don't get why there are always  so few customers ??? We were the only ones.... strange...

It was a super nice day after all ^o^
bye bye~ chu <3

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mistymysterious said...

Ich war mal vor zwei, drei Jahren im Susuru und die Udon hatten uns auch recht gut geschmeckt. Aber wie du schon sagtest... seltsamerweise war es echt leer! O__O

Dass nur koreanisches Essen angeboten wurde beim Kirschblütenfest ist echt schade. ):
Dabei ist dort ja eben nicht nur Korea vertreten^^;
Aber solange es ansonsten ein schöner Tag war?! <3