Apr 28, 2013

Sunny Sunday in Potsdam

Hello everybody, its' me again ^^

Last sunday the boyfriend of my sister was celebrating his birthday. So the whole family went to Potsdam were they are living^^

I had to take the train because our car is not big enough for all of us -.-° But it's ok. I'm used to it and I don't have to pay tickets for the train.

My new shoes (bargain from Kleiderkreisel^^) arrived the day before. So I immediately wanted to wear them <3
dress - Liz Lisa; pullover - Ank Rouge; socks - tutuhana; shoes (originally)H&M
 in the train ^^° (I was not wearing contacts that day)
we had a big buffet and a party tent
Ther were sooo many people (friends of them, neightbours, relatives) that I didn't know >.<... I was a little bit swamped^^°
So I decided to go on a little walk to a playground with my mom, my other sister, my niece Mareike and my sister's dog Kira!

After playing like crazy on the playground with Mareike (spaceship mission on the swing set and cat family under the slide ~haha) we returned to my sisters house and suddenly all the other people that I didn't know were disappeared~ haha
Just my family was remaining ^^°

This is the pretty Japanese peach tree in the garden of my sister (Japanischer Zier-Pfirsich - "melred" prunus persica) It's beautiful isn't it?
one last (derp face) photo of me and my mom~ haha
The day was super nice but there were not so many interesting things to show you ^^° (sorry... I'm a bad bad blogger >.<°)

bye bye ~ chu <3


Miya Skellington said...

Really nice outfit~ seems like fun ^^

Jenny ♥ said...

aww, schöne Bilder und schönes Outfit! Der Zierpfirsich ist wunderwunderschön!

Victoria said...

Ich mag auch mal so einen tollen Dutt wie du hinbekommen ; A ;)" Bei dir sieht das immer so voluminös aus~
Aber echt hübsches Outfit <3

Kri said...

enjoyed all your photos ! you are very beautiful !

Suzu Blog said...

omg i love your outfit !! ;O; Love to ank rouge *_*