Apr 6, 2013

Mini meet up - Good Friday

Hello everybody ^^

I will show you what I did last Friday (Good Friday- before Easter).
In the morning I brought my best friend Kiki to the airport because her journey to Japan would start that day. She's so lucky!!!!...god only knows when I go to Japan next time -.-°

After that I prepared for a little meet up with some members of my gyarusa GG-Glitter and some others^^

I had crimped hair that day
And I used my new lenses (Eos Adult brown) for the first time
always when I try these diagonaly hoisted eyelid line....I'm not satisfied with the look... -.-°
outfit - I really enjoyed using the striped skirt again ^o^
I added my favourite cap <3
and added certainly (because of the cold outside) the hoody-waistcoat
I met A-chan, Tama, Hani, Mao and Rui/Ronja (I have met her before at the Shibuya Gals meet up last August ^o^) and her friend Hoshi at Alexanderplatz.
Later Kukki joined us, too.

We went to "Papa No" a sushi restaurant. But as I'm not so into shushi I just ate small yakitori.
ouuuuu~ super blurred photo -.-... sorry but the onle one I have with Hani, A-chan and Tama^^°
wasabi sculpture??? o.O ~ haha
Rui, Hoshi and Kukki super enthusiastic about the wasabi man ^^
We decided it's Wasabi-Yoda with one hair and a lightsaber!!!~ XD
 We all didn't eat that much because we planned to go to Crepestation afterwards^^
 To stand before closed doors or not to get a place in the small café were our fears^^° But luckily it was neither closed nor crowded. ^^

my banana custard crepe <3 <3 <3

A-chan taking photos of/with everyone ^^
A-chan an Hoshi
doing my best to get some stalker photos~ haha^^
Rui/Ronja and me
crazy A-chan and me
I had a really great day with you all ^^ Thank you so much!!!
bye bye ~ chu <3


Rui said...

awwwww die Bilder *O* voll süß

Lau said...

bitte bitte ^^

Katharina Wenzig said...

Wasabi-Yoda *rofl*
Das ist zu geil XD Eignet sich sicher auch super fürs Bento *weiter rofl*

Lau said...

@Katharina Wenzig
dachte mir doch, dass die Wasabi-Yoda gefällt XXDDD
zum Japantag dann bitte im Bento XD