Apr 27, 2013

Last Saturday and new lashes

Hello gals ^^

Last Saturday I tried out one of my new lashes.
Diamon lash "Sexy eye" (upper)

I really can recomand them.
They have a full look with some bigger seperated parts at the outer corner.
It's not a cute look but a more sexy and mature look. Exactly what I was aiming for!

from above

Last Saturday I wanted a simple, casual and sportive look. So I wore my new selfmade dress for the first time.

border between bodice and skirt part of the dress with elastic band

yeah, and I wore my new Glavil necklace for the first time ^^
I met Kiki and we went to a café together and went shopping without buying anything~ haha
But I spotted great shoes at Deichmann.

and another pair which looks super cute and Liz Lisa like... but I guess it's aready out of stock because you can't find them in the online shop and they were not available in my size... even when I went to another Deichmann store yesterday -.-°

Kiki trying on some neon super high heels~ haha
After "shopping" we went eating at "Makoto"

love Edamame <3

I just had this seaweed salad (wakame salad)
television tower ~ haha like a tourist-photo
We were strolling through the Alexanderplatz.. went to New Yorker (they have great new collections!!!) and to Ann Christine....
Just a very ordinary but nice day ^^
bye bye ~ chu <3


Rukipe said...

dein make up ist so hübsch und auch noch so schlicht <3 und ich liebe dein Outfit! *^* wie immer irgendwie..xD <3

mistymysterious said...

Die Wimpern sehen richtig klasse aus und auch sonst schönes Makeup! :)
Ich mag dein Outfit für den Tag - finde es immer wieder toll, wenn man sich seine Klamotten auch mal einfach selbst näht. X)
Aber bei mir hapert's an der Motivation UND am Können. (lach)

Lau said...

danke danke ^^ ja manchmal brauch ich kaum untere Wimpern oder so... da passt was schlichteres besser ^^

Lau said...

dankeschööön <3
ja bei mit Mangelt es eher an Zeit ^^° sonst würde ich sicherlich viel mehr selber nähen -.-° Ideen hab ich zu hauf~ haha