Jun 1, 2013

Dokomi 2013 - Saturday

Hello everybody ^^
I'm back again ^o^
Last weeks were really exciting (convention, London, class trip) and I've got so many things to blog about >.<°...don't know where to start...

The weekend before last I went to my friend Michi to Gladbeck.
I planned to attend the anime/manga convention Dokomi on Saturday and Sunday.
It was super strange because it was just the two of us in her flat. We've always been a lot of people in her flat before conventions. But not this time.

So on Saturday I put my plan to style as Manba into action.

It's two different wigs sewn into each other, pink and yellow accessories, my pink yukata, my light purple obi, a huge yellow bow in front and typical Manba make up.

I wanted to try out Manba for a long time already. And a convention is a better occasion then my usual freetime 'cause everybody is looking flashy on cons~ haha.
I gave my best to succeed with the make up. It's just ordinary (dark) make up mixed with brown kajal for the dark skin, white kajal for the highlights and black liquid eyeliner for the eyeshape. I took  upper lashes as bottom lashes.

Michi did not attend the Dokomi (in Düsseldorf). But I met some of my best friends there^^
Sato and Kirschu.

And Nii-chan/Padfood.
derp photo ^^° (she cosplayed Elina from Queens Blade...I dont have a complete photo -.-°)

So I spend most of the time with them.

Sato cosplayed Switch from Sket Dance (in my old cosplay~ haha- I sold it )

Although I have been to Dokomi last year, too I didn't know about the huge and beatiful park/garden close to the area.

But soon we started to get confused and lost direction.... ~haha

we're lost... ~ haha XD
total frazzle....Nii-chan suffering from fatigue~ haha
No time for exhaustion! Contiuing to take photos! XD

After we found our way back to the convention area we....continued taking photos XXDDD I shooted Kirschu (photos on her cam...) and we had a small snack (thuna mayo onigiri <3) . We really had a lot of fun.

The weather kept up and in the end of the day Sato, Nii-chan, a friend of her and I went to Düsseldorf city and met Michi to go for a meal.
We went to the japanese restaurant "Kotobuki".

my delicious udon *o*
Michis new big R2-D2 (background) and my small R2-D2 (foreground) so cuuute <3
selfmade puri ^^°
Kirschu made this funny gif for me <3 (me dancing the begining of the Bazooka Girl- velfarre 2000 para para)
It was a super nice day had a lot of fun. But I was wondering why I didn't meet some of the people I expected to be on the Dokomi... (e.g. Rin, Rui, Kukki, Maya and Aiji....I din't see any of them...)

bye bye ~chu <3


Miya Skellington said...

Ha ha was ein geiles Outfit!!! Steht dir echt gut und das Gif sieht auch klasse aus *__*

AtomicNony said...

you make a great manba!

mistymysterious said...

Kann mich nur anschließen, sieht echt klasse aus!!

Rukipe said...

Ich mag diesen Style (Manba) nicht wirklich..aber du hast das echt geil hinbekommen! O_O Ich hab schon japanische gesehen die sahen GROTTIG aus! Sehr hübsch hingekriegt! Respekt! *^* Hübsches Outfit und respekt für dein Make Up! <3

Ruki said...

Ich schließe mich meinen Vorgängern an :3
Aber du wusstest noch nichts vom Japangarten??? O__O
Den musst du mal sehen, wenn da Kirschblüten richtig aufgeblüht sind >.<
Freue mich schon auf die restlichen Teile :3

tine said...

gott du siehst so geil aus *____*v

Lau said...

@Miya Skellington
danke dankeeeeee <3

Lau said...

thank you very much <3 it was a lot of fun ^o^

Lau said...

haha~ danke >///<

Lau said...

~wow XD dankeeeeee <3 <3 <3 ich kann auch nicht wirklich sagen, dass ich Manba Style MAG.... es ist einfach was besonderes und ich musste es einfach ausprobieren, weil es mal was ganz anderes ist!!!
Aber es hat echt viel Spaß gemacht! Das kann ich sagen!!!
dankeeeeeee <3

Lau said...

dankeeee ^o^
ja ich wusste nur, dass es den irgendwo da im Park geben soll aber letztes jahr sind wir irgendwie konsequent daran vorbeigelaufen ^^°... Der Japangarten ist echt schön ^^

Lau said...

gott, vieln Dank XXDDD
cool, dass es dir gefällt XD

Jenny ♥ said...

sieht mega geil aus!! *_*

Lau said...

dankeeeee ^^